18 February 2013

Carlisle Antiques Centre

Hello my lovely readers! Do you like antiques? Or vintage? Or anything pre-loved? I do!

Last Thursday Martin, Zoe and I visited the Carlisle Antiques Centre on Cecil Street. Martin gave me a lift to the dentist (yes - I've been - can cross that off the list!) as he was off work, and seeing as the Antiques Centre is just around the corner, we thought we would have a quick look around.

As we don't have a lot of money at the moment with me being on maternity leave, we weren't looking for anything in particular. I was told about it by Fran who runs Goodbye Norma Jean (I met her at the craft fair I was at, you can read about it here).

 photo outsidefrom192dotcom_zps4d352cb6.jpg
As you can see, there are some steps leading up, then you go through a narrow little door at the side.

 photo street2_zps4265a738.jpg
Once you go through the door, you are in a quaint little street - it is very bizarre, but in a good way! Each of the little 'shops' has different things - the first one belongs to Ruby Blue Vintage, which is where the photos below were taken.

 photo scarves_zpsb6d34e28.jpg
Gorgeous scarves

 photo clothes_zpsd2da72d7.jpg
Racks of vintage clothes

 photo crocksnstuff_zps4e574222.jpg
I'm in love with that coffee set, and the little owl money box, or course!

 photo hamper_zps663c6b0d.jpg
I need this hamper!!

 photo typeshoes_zps325f2b02.jpg
Cute typewriter and vintage patterns!

I wasn't able to take any more photos in the other little shops, as Zoe was having a bit of a moan so I carried her around for a bit until she fell asleep - so I had no hands free!

We didn't buy anything, but I did drool over some lovely rings, and Martin found a calendar from the Whitehaven Brick Company from the 1920s! If we win the lottery, I would buy everything! I will keep popping in to see what new stock they get, you never know what might pop up! 

Thanks for reading

P.S. All photos by me, except the first one of the outside of the building, which I found on google image search from 192.com


  1. Drooling is free!! Great shots ... I wish I could see some of those scarves up-close and personal!

    1. HaHa I love drooling - oh that sounds gross! I guess I mean that I love 'window' shopping :)

  2. Thank you for this lovely post. I adore all things nearly-new, vintage and antique. If you ever come to Glasgow, Scotland we have an amazing array of antique, vintage and second=hand stores all over the city (that's not including markets!) It's great! I found you on BBN. Have a great day! xx

    1. Oooo I've only been to Glasgow once or twice (for art galleries and the small animal hospital!) but would like to go back!


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