13 February 2013

Storage Solutions

Good morning my fellow craft-a-holics! And how are we all today?

I have been reading Georgina Giles' series about craft storage, and A Thrifty Mrs' series about being more organised in general. As you may remember from my craft room inspiration post, my craft supplies are not very organised.

 This is the old singer sewing machine where I keep most of my supplies, with more at the side

These are my ribbon and yarn stashes - I need to find a better way to store my ribbon!

I use these jars to store all the little fabric and thread offcuts (to stuff pincushions with, or for little bits like eyes etc), and also to store my buttons, The buttons were separated into dark, light and colourful - but they are a bit jumbled up now!

I am temporarily storing all of my knitting patterns in this envelope - I don't know if I am going to sell them on Etsy or keep them - I can't actually knit yet! I also have a bag of random crochet bits from when I was learning that I would like to turn into a blanket or something like that. All of my felt is in a plastic bag, which seems to be working at the moment as I can see all the colours and can just get out what I need. The little tin at the bottom has all those little bits and bobs that will come in handy one day - little bits off crackers, tags, stickers and things like that.

I keep my threads in old jam jars - well, some of them. I also have some in a bag, and some in a box. At some point I will wind them all onto cards and keep them in a box like this one from Lupin Handmade.

Oh, I also have a load of other stuff in the attic - fabric  and sewing machines, all my paper-y things, along with pens and pencils and other stationery. I think my knitting needles are up there too!

As you can see, I really need to have a good sort out so that when inspiration hits, I can just grab what I need and go.

Maybe one day I will have that dream craft room space!

How do you organise your craft stash? Especially ribbons!! I have no idea how to store these in a sensible, accessible way - especially the little short bits! Help!

Thanks for reading


  1. This storage method looks pretty familiar - with the exception that you have everything pretty much all together in one place (except the attic exceptions!) whereas I currently have mine spread across 5 different locations in the house - crammed into corners in cupboards/shelves etc... I'm hoping to have a more unified space very soon as we've been expanding our house.

    I keep scraps in jars, like you - and in fact that's where I keep ribbons! The short bits of ribbon tend to get shoved into my sewing boxes (I have two large ones) without much logic. I also have a box of trims, buttons and ribbons which came from my mum, and other boxes for embroidery threads (which are all really jumbled now - I'm in love with the organised card/box method you're planning!)

    But fabric is my biggest problem. It's all pushed into a cupboard in the laundry room at the moment. I dream of beautiful piles on shelves (a nice vintage dresser or something!)

    1. I like the idea of little bits of ribbon in jars - I could sort them by colour and put them on a shelf!
      All of my fabric is sort of wodged in a box with my sewing machine and overlocker - I'm not even sure what fabric I have any more!


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