28 January 2014

Silver Tree Jewellery

Good morning sunshine!! You look so pretty today!

I'm thinking that 2014 is the year I try more. I'm trying to do more socially, I'm trying to do more blogging, and I'm also trying to look more 'put together' for work (Sunday mornings are a different thing all together!!). Most of my new team wear jewellery to work - I've never really worn a lot of jewellery but I can really see how it pulls an outfit together, and makes you look more 'done'. As my Nanna left me some money last year (which I saved - yay me!) I though that a special piece of jewellery would be a wonderful way to remember her, and additionally help me in my quest to not look like a scruff bag at work!

One of the first places I looked at was Lancaster's Silver Tree Jewellery. It's a family run shop in Lancaster (just down to road) which also has a swoon-worthy website; this is where my search began! One of the things that immediately impressed me about Silver Tree is that they offer free delivery on all orders as well as a free gift wrapping service! Perfect for Valentines day! Hint Hint Martin!!

A quick browse of the website shows that they stock a variety of designers including Pandora, Michael Kors, Swarovski and Vivienne Westwood among others. I spent a couple of hours browsing their website with my sister who is looking for a Pandora charm for her bracelet to remember our Nanna by.

I was immediately drawn to the Vivienne Westwood jewellery, having seen the wonderful Helen wax lyrical about the range a while ago on her blog. Silver Tree have a wide range on their website, from necklaces and bracelets to watches and earrings, most featuring the classic logo which I love.

My Nanna always wore pearls, so I thought about buying myself something featuring pearls. A quick search of the website brought up a page full of beautifully presented jewellery with lots of stunning photos for me to click through. Let me tell you that trying to narrow down my choice to just one piece is proving pretty difficult. My sister is currently trying to decide between two of their Pandora charms - a difficult decision she tells me!

 photo ring2_zps6e4242b2.jpg

I'm still looking for that one special piece, but I know that once I have found it, the staff at Silver Tree will ensure that it reaches me quickly and beautifully presented with their free gift wrapping service. Gift wrapping something you buy for yourself, Anna?

Well why not treat yourself to a pretty parcel? I'm going to!

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All images are from silver tree jewellery, but all opinions are my own.

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  1. Buying something sparkly sounds like a brilliant way to invest your Nan's money in something you'll get to see every day which will remind you of her :) xxx


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