19 March 2014

A Mother's Day Wishlist

Morning Lovelies!

This will be my second Mother's Day as a mummy to little Zoe - it doesn't seem like 5 minutes ago she was giving me last year's card and gifts!! She's grown so much!!

This year I thought I would do a little 'wish-list' post as I have seen a whole heap of gifts this year. I've already got my Mum some presents, I still have one to make for her though! And Martin, if you are reading this - there is no such thing as having 'too many' handbags!!

What have you got for your Mum this year?

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  1. That FACE!!! She makes me so broody.

    Good list- I love those suitcases, and the heatable hooty looks like the perfect sofa buddy xxx

    1. She is the cutest!! I actually ended up buying that Cath Kidston book - yay for self-bought mother's day gifts!!

  2. I had won a pattern last year called the Wow Juniors and I was wondering if this was your pattern. I just had a few questions.

    1. Hi Marla, sorry, it's not mine - I haven't written any patterns! Hope you find what you are looking for!


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