30 July 2014

What's it all about anyway?

Hello Lovelies!

I've been thinking a lot about this little blog lately. About why I blog, what I want to blog about, how I wish I had more time to spend on the blog, about other fantastic bloggers, about the type of blogs I read and why I read them.

A lot of thinking about things you'll agree!

I was talking to two of my fellow Cumbrian Bloggers yesterday over lunch - Jo and Anna - about some of these things. I always said that I never wanted to do a 'sorry I haven't updated the blog in forever!' style post, because a) I don't think that many people would even realise that I hadn't been blogging and b) you get all kinds of guilty feelings when you start to think like that.

Jo asked me yesterday "Do you ever not post for ages and then just feel like quitting?" - I know exactly what she means, although I don't feel like quitting. I try my hardest not to feel pressure to blog, but the fact that I actually have a blog is pressure itself, even if that pressure only comes from me.

In all aspects of my life, I seem to want to do everything. At work, I'm the one who volunteers for everything. Martin has said to me recently that I shouldn't start any new hobbies as I have enough stuff going on already. He was talking about loom bands, which to be honest, I lost interest in after about a week.

So what is the point of this (actually pretty random and rambly) post?

I guess it's to say to any of my readers (if I have any) that I'm still about, even though it's like the Marie Celeste over here. I'm enjoying spending time with my family, and enjoying the sunny weather (which now seems to have disappeared), I'm enjoying reading books in bed with Martin, and I'm enjoying spending (some of) my evenings exercising (yes - that's right - me! Exercise! Ha!).

I'm sure that at some point I'll pop back on over - I have lots of posts in my drafts folder (including some Woolfest related ones). They aren't going to go anywhere though, they will still be sitting there patiently waiting for me to sit down in front of my laptop with a cup of tea.

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  1. hehe, me , me, you mention me! :-D I like this post, know exactly how you are feeling about blogging lately. But never apologise for not posting (people do notice if you don't post by the way!) its your blog, you can do what you like! and your readers will still be here when you get back! x

  2. I always think, as a reader if i love a blog sure i love it if they post three times a week, cos you know i am a nosey parker. But if they only post once i'll still read and i'll still love it and their writing and their blog. As my mother would say, it's quality not quantity. Plus in the grand scheme of things, we are only here once (deep!) and so you should be missing out on writing posts and enjoying life once in a while - you have got your priorities sorted and you shouldn't feel bad a bout that at all! As a blogger though, i get where you are coming from 100%. Work/blog and life balance is hard. I always think the key to it all (and i am no expert or claiming to be) is when you do either - be all there. If i am dedicating my afternoon to my blog, i am fully doing that (except pinning also counts as blog stuff right?!) Equally if i am spending time with the Mr i am not on twitter, reading posts or checking my blog. I am fully doing what i should be. Check me out with all my wisdom!! I don't always get it right - who does - but i try!!!

    Ps, i'd still read if you posted once a year or once a second ;)

    Sal xxxxx

  3. *waves* HELLLOOOOOOOOO!
    It sounds like you have lots of lovely things going on at the moment - so glad to hear you have such fun summery activities and GO YOU for exercising!
    I've definitely been missing your blog posts- but from a very selfish point of view that I love your writing and want to hear what's going on with you. I'd much rather people enjoyed living their lives than spent every evening blogging about it. And I agree with Sal - quality is much better than quantity and I love that you always have something to say, rather than six photos of you from the same angle looking grumpy in a dress. xxxx

  4. I had a moment while I was on my blog break from moving house wondering if I was to never post again if anyone would notice. I'm glad I didn't listen to myself and happy to say a couple of weeks later i'm back to my normal blogging routine. It certainly made me remember why I started, that it was for myself and for having somewhere to share things but at the end of the day, life, experiences and family all come first and I should never apologize for it.

  5. Im the other side of this! I did quit because I got sick of bloggers guilt, and trying to fit my life in to post size pieces. Photographing e v e r y t h i n g and thinking how can I turn this in to a post? I just wanted to enjoy what was in front of me instead!

    That being said I think its the time of year too, everyones out enjoying the summer, too busy to sit inside and blog all day!

  6. I've missed you!!!
    But I've been a bit missing in action too and gradually see the advantages of a 'keep em guessing' blogging schedule.
    Just pop-in when you can. We'll still welcome you back.

  7. I am totally having this quandry right now, I've completely lost motivation to post, and the longer I go not doing it, the harder I'm finding getting back into it. A small part of me wants to quit and totally give up, but a bigger part of me enjoys it and remembers all the great things I've got out of it...Cumbria Bloggers nights out, what if I wasn't invited anymore haha? I think, as everyone has said, just blog as and when you want too. I have a tendency to feel the need to explain where I've been when I've not posted in a while, but who really cares that I've worked a few late nights and then just didn't feel like it!

    Ok, after writing this, I'm determined to get my blog on...but I'm busy tonight, and tomorrow's friday, hrmm!

    At the end of the day, it's your blog...do what you want :)

  8. Hey Anna,

    You are not alone! Sometimes, the best blog posts come when you decide not to blog and focus on life and then KAPWOW! the best ideas and posts hit you.

    My advice is never to blog because you feel you have to. That is a disservice to your readers - blog when you have something interesting (to you, or to others) that you want to share.

    Please feel welcome to join our small, but friendly blog group over on FB - sometimes, it's nice to keep the chatter going and the mind ticking, even when you're not actively blogging. We'd love to see you there!


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