5 September 2014

Zoe's Birthday Party!

Hello Lovelies!

On 16 August our little Zoe turned two! How did that happen, I do not know! We had a quiet morning opening presents, and then at 2pm family started arriving for the little party. I should have taken some photos of the decorations I did - a yarn-covered number '2', some tissue paper pom-poms in mint green and pink, and a little yarn pom-pom bunting. Very cute!! I also stuck photos of Zoe along the wall which people loved looking at, and finding themselves in the photos too!

Here are a few photos from the day:

Zoe taking a little break from opening her presents to sit in the giant cardboard box!

Zoe's dress was bought by Martin's Mum - it has loads of little shoes and bags on it! She didn't want to wear her pretty party shoes either, but these winter boots - that's some style you got there Zoe!!

One of her presents was this umberella - she walked around for ages saying 'rain! rain!' and poking people with the brolly! Please note the footwear change to blue mock-crocs with socks - another fashion faux-pas Zoe!

 Blowing out the candles on her Thomas cake with Daddy - who managed to singe her fringe just after this photo was taken! 

We sang happy birthday to her three times - the first time she blushed and went so shy - it was super cute!! 

What was your best birthday?

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  1. Awwww- HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZOE!! This looks like a magical day :) My favourite birthday was my 18th- my friends and I hired out an adult-sized soft play area for a whole night, complete with huge slides and laser quest, and stayed up playing from 8pm to 8am! Then all went home to nap. xxx

  2. Oh bless her, how cute! Big belated happy birthday wishes to her.
    I can't believe she got her fringe singed :O oops! ha



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