24 February 2015

Weekend Round-up: Soggy Bums and Shelving (TWTWC #1)

Hello lovelies! 

I'm going to attempt to do these weekly sort of round up posts, and link up with Hannah's linky at Make, do and push. I used to do this a while ago, but haven't for a year or so, so I'm starting again at #1! Oh and I'm also linking up this week with the #PointShoot linky on YouBabyMeMummy.

It was a pretty busy week at work, with a couple of events being held that I had been working on for a few months - luckily they both ran really smoothly - yay!


Usually on a Friday Zoe and I pootle along to Rhyme Time for a sing and a dance with some of our friends, but it wasn't on this week because of half-term, so off we went on the bus to the park. Zoe loves going on the bus, especially going past the castle - she gets very excited if they have the flags out! After playing in the park (and getting soggy bums) we went to Costa for hot chocolate and brownies - Zoe got some marshmallows too!

Friday evening my mum and step-dad came round for tea, I was a bit emotional (silly pregnancy hormones!) and burst into tears as soon as my mum walked through the door, but after a cuddle and some fish and chips I was fine!


Martin's best buddy Tony came to stay on Friday night so that they could get up early and go walking in the lakes. So it was an early start for all of us on Saturday. Once the boys had left, Zoe and I went into town to meet my mum and Zoe's cousins, for coffee (grown-ups) and a play (kiddos). Then we went to story time at the Carlisle Book Shop, an independent book shop in Carlisle that has a free story time session every Saturday, with biscuits, juice and crafts! This week the story was 'All Mine' about a naughty seagull that kept stealing food off a poor little mouse. Aww! Oh, and Zoe sat in a helicopter too! And our hoover broke (again)! Boo!


Another busy day! Zoe and I popped out for half an hour to get out of the way while Martin was getting the sitting room ready for his Dad coming to put up some shelves. It's musical bedrooms upstairs in preparation for Sprout arriving - we are moving into the spare room, and Sprout will have our old room. But a lot of our books are in the spare room so we need to move all of those out before we can do anything, hence the shelves being installed in the sitting room.

When we got back, Martin's Mum and Dad arrived, so Martin and his Dad started doing manly stuff with drills - time for us to go! Martin's Mum took Zoe and me out for lunch (yum!) - thank you!! When we got home it was time for Zoe and me to go to Zoe's cousin's 4th birthday party, where we saw lots of family, had cake, and Zoe 'helped' Ashton open his presents. Back home to a roast dinner expertly cooked by Martin before rolling into bed early! Phew!

Hopefully next weekend will be a bit calmer!

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  1. How fun that Zoe got to sit in a helicopter. You'll be glad you started the weekly round up posts again, they are great to look back on.

    Popping over from #TWTWC

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    1. Yeah I love doing these sort of posts! And I love seeing all the other #TWTWC posts too!

  2. Aww Zoe is adorable!!! What a cutie :) I think B would explode if she could sit in a helicopter!!! I hope you're feeling better post-emotional outburst!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

    1. Aww thanks! I think she's pretty cute but I am biased as her mummy!!

  3. She is SUCH a cutie! Getting to sit in a helicopter is amazing! Thanks for linking up to #PointShoot x

    1. Haha thanks! I've loved finding new blogs through #PointShoot! I'll be linking up again :)

  4. Sounds like a super fun weekend! I want to sit in a Helicopter!! haha Though as long as it stays on the ground...
    Zoe is so beautiful, what a happy looking little girl.

    Have a great week! Hope you got a hoover sorted :P


    1. The new hoover should be arriving today - woop!! xx

  5. Zoe's marshmallow-eating face is PRICELESS. That kiddo is too cute xxx


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