5 March 2015

Pregnancy: Week 30 update

Hello Lovelies!

I feel huuuuge this week!! Only 10 weeks to go though - eek, how exciting! Can't believe how fast it's gone this time around, maybe having a toddler to look after makes time pass by faster - who knows?! Please excuse the grainy photo/messy bedroom below!


Sprout is as big as a cabbage this week! He weights about 3 pounds and he measures about 40cm from head to toe.

Due date 

Still 14 May!

How far along 

30 weeks and 2 days.


No idea, it's going to be a surprise! I feel like it's a boy though!

Stretch marks 

I found a few more since last week so have been liberally applying Lush Dream Cream to my tummy every night!

Belly button 

Only just still an 'innie' - it's sort of flat now!


I would like more please!! I had a nap this weekend with Zoe, which was lovely and I felt really refreshed afterwards, but I can't usually nap through the day unfortunately! Night times are getting pretty bad, if I wake up in the night it takes me aaages to get back off to sleep, especially if Zoe is in bed with us being a wiggle bum!


I'm still loving milk and milkshakes - soooo yummy and seem to help with heartburn too! I've been craving the taste of Red Bull but haven't given in due to amount of sugar and caffeine in them!


Still getting the bad heartburn, and the pain in my back and hips is getting worse - last night I could barely move! Any advice?


Sprout had a quiet day the other day which set me off on a spiral of worry, but is back to his usual wiggly self! He moves a lot more on an evening, just after tea and then again when I get into bed. he moves more if I lie in bed on my left side too.

What I'm missing 

Red Bull this week, I'm craving that really chemically taste! I'm missing being able to put my socks on without a lot of grunting. Oh and I miss lying on my tummy too!

What I'm looking forward to 

Martin's going away this weekend to Scotland if the weather is nice, so although I'm not looking forward to him leaving us all alone for the weekend (sob!) I usually end up at my Dad's for tea, which is always yummy!  Thanks Dad!!

Best moment this week

Quite a few people have said that I look really well, one person even used the work 'glowing' so while I don't feel that amazing, at least other people think I look it!!

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  1. Squeeeeeeeeee! I'm so excited for you... xx

  2. So glad everything is going so well; you are positively radiant! Perhaps you should Google "sweets that taste like redbull" or something similar? There's probably a caffeine-free non-liquid alternative out there somewhere :) xxx

  3. Lovely update - you do look like you are glowing in your photo. I think pregnancy does go faster when you have a toddler as well. Sprout was my nickname for my eldest when I was pregnant with her :-)

  4. I have no advice for the hip pain but I do sympathise. I remember after my C-Section thinking at least my hips/sciatic nerve don't hurt any more! Sophie was lying back to back which didn't help. Do you have any idea what position Sprout is in? There are suggested moves to encourage them to turn which may relieve some of the pain e.g. scrubbing the floor and bouncing on birth ball. Hope the pain eases. Thanks for linking up to #bloggerbumps. x


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