20 December 2013

Lovely things this week

Hello to you! Ready for Christmas yet? Only 6 sleeps to go!!

This week I thought I would do a round-up of some lovely things I have found while pootling about the interwebs. There's no theme or plan, just things I have found that have made me smile!

This website! Gah!! I could easily buy all the things, definitely my first point of call when I get paid next month!!

This post from Seth's blog called 'Marriage Isn't For You' - and I agree - marriage isn't for me. Go and have a read and see if it's for you.

 photo claireabellemakes-ring_zpsbd45bfd4.jpg
I might have purchased something from the Claireabellemakes Etsy shop - she's trying to get to 200 sales before Christmas so go and give her a hand! This isn't what I bought, but it is what I wish I had bought for me!!

 photo embroidery-clock_zps095eeff5.jpg

How beautiful is this clock? I'd love me one of these - hint hint!! It's not too late to ask Santa for a present is it? I hope not! the CuriousDoodles shop is full of pretty things - like this, and this, and THIS!!

I found a fantastic blog this morning - not at all my usual subject but I am captured by her writing and by her work - there is no way that I could do her job! Go and have a read of Ella Shaw's blog

 photo narwhal_zpsf51519b1.png
Source: Shana Logic
Look at this cute little narwhal badge from Shana Logic
Well, I hope you have enjoyed my little round up of awesome things this week! It's christmas next week so I am not sure how much time I will have to blog, so if I don't see you before...
Have an AWESOME Christmas!!! 

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16 December 2013

31 before 31

Morning peeps!

I just found this post, that I should have posted on my 31st birthday. Which was in May.

Obviously I didn't post it then, so I am posting it now! It means that I have less time to cross off everything on the list, but you can all hold me accountable!! Go on, cheer me on!

1. Make a dress for Zoe

2. Make a dress for me

3. Bake one of my Gran's recipes - chocolate cake or cherry cake

4. Make a video of my Gran telling me how to make her cakes

5. Climb Scafell Pike

6. Climb Snowdon

7. Climb Ben Nevis

8. Climb Hellvelyn

9. Finish crocheting the rainbow granny square blanket

10. Visit York again

11. Walk around Buttermere

12. Take more photos on film

13. Use my film cameras more - all of them, not just the Pentax

14. Get some digital photos printed

15. Visit Glasgow

16. Go to a craft fair

17. Make some crochet or felt bunting for Zoe's room

18. Make a patchwork quilt (or at least start to make it)

19. Go to a networking event

20. Make 20 sales in my Etsy shop

21. Visit Bruges

22. Go to my godmother's house for coffee

23. Have something published in a magazine

24. Learn how to use LinkedIn effectively

25. Go bowling

26. Go to Wasdale for a picnic with Martin and Zoe

27. Find all of my baby photos at my Dad's house

28. Crochet a bunny or bear for Zoe

29. Re-decorate our bedroom. Because it is U.G.L.Y!

30. Expand my shop's product range

31. Learn how to wet felt

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10 December 2013

An update! Wat?!

Good afternoon and a happy Tuesday to you my lovely readers, and welcome back!

I have been most busy since the wedding, hence my lack of posts over here. Oh you want to see wedding photos? OK then!

 photo null_zps00028058.jpg
Don't we scrub up well?!

 photo null_zps8b71f0c3.jpg
Confetti fight!!!

 photo null_zpsb2165a4c.jpg
How awesome were the cakes?!

After the wedding Martin and I went for a night at a lovely little pub in beautiful Caldbeck. I would highly recomend visiting Caldbeck if you are ever in the area - they have some lovely shops, including the AMAZING Hesta Scene, which not only sells beautiful hand-made crafts, but also has a workshop where you can undertake classes such as weaving, needle felting and cushion making.

After that, we all went over to the North-East on honeymoon (yes, Zoe came on our honeymoon!) - we spent a lot of the time visiting castles with our English Hertiage cards (a joint birthday present from my Dad); we visited Alnwick, Bamburgh, Belsay Hall, and also went on a trip to Lindisfarne.

Everyday life seems to be so busy at the moment and of course a lot of time is spent chasing Zoe around - she never keeps still and climbs on everything!! Our weekends are always booked up visiting family and friends so I'm finding it hard to make time to blog. But I miss it so much! So, I am going to try to blog more. Easier said than done though, we shall see how I get on!

In more exciting news, I started a new job in November, I'm still at the Uni, but instead of HR I am now a Careers and Employability Coordinator. I really wanted to do more for the students and this opportunity presented itself at just the right time. And as an added bonus, a large part of my role is the careers blog. Yes, my job is to blog! It is like a dream come true!! I'm so excited about this new venture and my mind is full to bursting with ideas!

Wello, hopefully it won't be so long until my next post, I have some time off at Christmas so I am hoping to have some time to get myself organised!

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19 August 2013

Book Review - Little Felted Animals

Happy Monday Lovely!

Today I have a book review for you - Little Felted Animals: Create 16 Irresistible Creatures with Simple Needle-felting Techniques. Martin bought me this book for my birthday in 2012, along with a needle felting kit. I wrote about my needle felting exploits here.

 photo littlefeltedanimals-cover_zpsbfb36e07.jpg

The book starts with a few pages covering supplies needed, and hints and tips. I found these pages immensely beneficial as a newcomer to needle felting, and I think that they are clear and informative. 

 photo littlefeltedanimals-supplies_zps05969c7c.jpg

There are three different basic body 'patterns' in this book - birds, short legged animals and long legged animals. For each type of animal there is a full-colour double page spread, showing in detail how to create each body part. 

 photo littlefeltedanimals-stepbystep_zps4b138192.jpg

One of the things that I love about this book are the photographs. Each section starts with full page colour photos of each animal in a little still life.

 photo littlefeltedanimals-mousesheep_zps872e8852.jpg

These are then followed by the instructions, which consist of a page with a photo of all the items you need and a photo of the finished item, and a page with the instructions written out, with little drawings to show you how big each body part should be.

 photo littlefeltedanimals-koala_zpsb355478d.jpg

Although there are only three basic body shapes, there are quite a range of animals: Penguin, bunny, cats, dogs, koala, fox and sheep to name a few. There are quite a few similar animals though, for example, there are a few different cats, which have the same basic pattern, just made in different colours. I would have liked to have seen different animals instead. But that is the only complaint I could possibly have!

 photo littlefeltedanimals-sheep_zpsa580f837.jpg
I love these little sheep strolling across the sofa!

Thanks for reading

p.s. I have not been paid to write this review, I just love craft books, and hope that I can help you find some that you love too!  The link to the book on Amazon at the top of the page is an affiliate link, and if you do end up making a purchase, I will get a little % of the amount, but it won't cost you anything, so it is a win-win!

5 August 2013

Weird and Wonderful! Tag!

Happy Monday folks! Was your weekend totes awesome?

I don't usually do these sort of posts, but when the very lovely Sunae tagged me in her 'Weird and Wonderful' post, I couldn't say no. So here are some random facts about me:

1. What's a nickname only your family calls you? Well, my Dad used to call me Anna the Spanner when I was little, but apart from that there aren't really any nicknames - Martin calls me babe but that's about it!

2. What's a weird habit of yours?
Err, I have a few little OCD things, like the way I make a cup of tea, or the way I have to carry out certain tasks in a set order, but everyone has that, right? Oh, when I 'm concentrating REALLY hard, I stick my tounge out to the side. So does my mum, my sister and now Zoe too!!

3. Do you have any weird phobias?
Ahh, I don't like groups of holes - there's a proper word for it - trypophobia - do NOT google it!!! This means that I don't really enjoy crumpets anymore!!
4. What's a song you secretly love to blast and belt out when you're alone?
I do like Maroon 5 - but only their Songs About Jane album - this gets blasted quite regularly when I'm on my own. 
5. What's one of your biggest pet peeves?
People who abuse the benefits system here in the UK. Martin and I work out butts off to pay our bills and our mortgage, and there are some people who can play the system to get all their rent, council tax etc paid!! I don't have anything at all against those people who really need the benefit system, god forbid I shuld ever need it; it's just those people who abouse it.

6. What's one of your nervous habits?
I ask a lot of questions! I like to know everything about something before it happens. So, if we are going somewhere new, I will ask Martin question after question until he gets annoyed and shouts at me! Thank goodness for google!!

7. What side of the bed do you sleep on?
I sleep on the left, but only since meeting Mr Martin, who sleeps on the right. Oh, actually when we went camping last week (photos to come!!) he slept on the left - wierd!!

8. What was your first stuffed animal and it's name?
I remember a yellow teady bear I had called Mr Whittles - he came free with my first bed that was from a shop called (surprisingly) Whittles.

9. What's the drink you always order at starbucks?
I don't go to Starbucks (yuck), I go to Costa (yay)! I usually get an iced tea if it is hot or a hot chcocloate if it is cold.

10. What's a beauty rule you preach, but never actually practice? 
I don't have any beauty rules really, ones I keep to or not!

11. Which way do you face in the shower?
Well I stand with my back to the actual shower, if that's what you mean, not facing it - who does that?!?!

12. Do you have any 'weird' body 'skills'?
I can do a wierd thing with my fingers - I sort of bend down the first knuckles and then stiffen the bottom part - it's hard to describe but tends to freak people out a bit!!

13. What's your favorite comfort food that's 'bad' but you love to eat it anyway? 
Oh god, all of it!! Chocolate, cake, crisps! Everything! Although my biggest weakness is peanut M&Ms (they're a nut, right? Which is a fruit, right? So they are healthy, right?)
14. What's a phrase or exclamation you always say? 
I make up names for people and things, like Sticky McWiffy-Pants or Grumpy McPouts-a-Lot. I do this quite a lot - does that count? Maybe that should go under the wierd habit section instead!!

5. Time to sleep, what are you actually wearing? 
I usually sleep in the nud actually - but if it is super cold I will usually stick on a top of some sort - I have a couple of big shirts I wear - easy booby access (for Zoe not Martin!!)

16. What did you used to wear that you thought was cool but now you realize it wasn't that hot?
God I was SO uncool when I was younger. So, basically, everything!!
Well, I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about me! I tag... everyone! If you do this on your blog, pop a link in the comments so I can go and have a peek - you don't get all the fun you know!! 

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2 August 2013

Cumbrian Bloggers Unite!!

Howdy peeps,

Are you having a lovely Friday? Is the sun shining for you? 

Instead of my Etsy Finds Friday post, this week I would like to share a blog post written by the amazing Pierre le Cat which features... Me!! Helen has written the post which features a few of us Cumbrian Bloggers for Cumbria Live: 

So go and have a read, then have a read of the rest of Helen's fab posts. She's taking part in CumbriaLive's Big Blogger - the least read blog gets eliminated! Oh no! Go and give her some love!

THANKS photo thanks-signature_zps76499913.jpg

29 July 2013

Bloggers of Note #4

BON photo BON-title_zps9c779f8b.jpg

Happy Monday you lovely people - how's tricks?

I thought that it was about time that I did another of my Blogger's of Note posts. you can find all the previous ones here. Quite a few of these blogs I have no idea why I haven't included them before as I have been following them for ages!! Well, here you go:

Annee Apple - The very lovely Annee's blog is filled with photos of her (hectic-sounding) life, her lovely kids, cooking, and (my most favorite type of posts) - sneak peeks of her soon-to-be-sold stationery. Annee is one super talented lady - go and say Hi!

 photo Annee_zpsf899dcca.jpg

Attic24 - Lucy's blog was one of the first blogs I ever did read, and I have been following along with her for years. In fact, I can't believe I haven't had her as a Blogger of Note already! Lucy is a genius with a crochet hook, well, with anything crafty really. She has an AMAZING eye for colour - just look at the pic below - yummy!! If you like crochet, you will LOVE Lucy, I guarantee it!!

 photo attic_zps31993d0a.jpg

Becky Bedbug -I can't remember how I came across Becky's blog, but boy am I glad I did. Some of my all-time favorite posts are by this fab lady, her posts cover fashion, work, lifestyle, reviews - loads of different things. And how cute is her new blog design? One of my fave recently-discovered-in-the-archives-post is this one, where her brother gives his fashion opinion on some of her outfits. I fell off my chair! Check out her 'guide' for new readers here.

 photo bedbug_zps1da7408b.jpg

Asking for Trouble - Marceline runs the amazing Asking for Trouble shop here, and blogs all about her art, kawaii stuff and general lifestyle stuff on her blog. I think her characters are just too cute! I made a purchase a few weeks ago from her shop, and can I just say that the service was excellent, the order arrived super super fast, and there was even a couple of little surprises for me in there! I can't wait to place my next order - the only trouble is deciding what to get!! (p.s. - I am totally not sponsored by Marceline, I just think she is awesome!)

 photo trouble_zps10f3a339.jpg

Polka-Dots and Sparkles -I believe that I found Beks' blog through the Twittersphere (wow that word is bleurgh!), and spent many a happy hour since scrolling back through the archives, looking at all of the pretty things she's made. I wish that I had some of her skills!! I loved her recent post about her holiday on a houseboat - the photos make me want to just sail off into the sunset. p.s. do you have an iPhone 4/4s? She's giving away some phone cases on her blog. Go and see!

 photo polkadots_zps23fccb71.jpg

Wreck This Girl's Blog - Fab is one of the lovely ladies who runs Postal Society, a place for us snail mail geeks to get together and drool over pretty envelopes (and other things like that). Fab's blog is filled with drool-worthy stationery, free downloads and inspiring smash-booking. I actually featured one of Fab's illustrations in my round up of room tours during my Other People's Houses month.

 photo fab_zps2d5bb829.jpg

Hope you enjoy browsing these lovely ladies' blogs :)

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19 July 2013

Etsy Finds Friday #25

EFF photo EFF-title_zps489d48b0.jpg 

Happy Friday!! And wow, what fantastic weather we are having over here in the UK - it's been warmer than just about anywhere in the world!!

If I had the car today I would be taking Zoe off to the beach to have a plodge in the sea, but we are car-less today, so will be going up to the park for a play on the swings, before going off to booby class, and then...

Tonight is my Hen Party! I've booked a party at Lush, where we will play games, make face masks and have private shopping time - weeeep!! Then it's off to Nando's for some chick chick chicken, before pootling along to some of my favorite pubs in Carlisle - the Boardroom and the King's Head - one of the oldest pubs in the City; the area of the city dates back to Medieval times, and ale is reputed to have been available on the site of The Kings Head as early as the 10th century! I can't wait - it will be the first night out (without Martin) for years!!

This weeks Etsy Finds Friday theme is, therefore, hen party stuff but not plastic willies and inflatable doodads!! Not for me thanks!! Think cute and hand made accessories and pretty party bags.

This is Etsy Finds Friday number twenty five - all of the previous Etsy Finds Friday posts can be found here. Please come back next week or you can follow me on Bloglovin' so you don't miss out on next week's list!

 photo teacup-badges_zps50408513.jpg 
I would have loved to have had a day off somewhere in the country, crafting and partaking in a bit of tea, but (as I am the least organized person in the world right now), there was no time, and nowhere really nearby that offers this. So these tea party brooches from fabthomson will have to do! 

 photo bags_zps56b4dae5.jpg

Hehehe - Hen Party bags - get it?I wish I had been organized enough to do little goodie bags - unfortunately, I am not. These customizable bags are from shintashop.

 photo hat_zpsa8d072c6.jpg

Rather than the 'traditional' willy-shaped head gear, I would much prefer this dainty mini top hat from PMDBoutique. It's fancy!

 photo hen-badge_zps34a66107.jpg

Another 'Hen' Party thing - this felt badge from By The Hands of Wood is so fun!  

 photo bunting_zps96392fdf.jpg

Pink bunting with photos of the bride-to-be and her hens - what's not to love? From Beauteous Bunting.

 photo party-game_zps90b2010e.jpg

We will be playing some games at Lush, but I love this idea - and it would give me an excuse to look through old photos too! Photo game from Sincerely Kristi.

THANKS photo thanks-signature_zps76499913.jpg

15 July 2013

The Bucket List and Goal Recap

Hello sweetie! What's the crack?

Have you heard of a Bucket List? I hadn't until I saw the film with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson in it a few years ago. I have a mental list of things to do before I die - but I don't think I have ever say down and written them out. There are some things that I'm not sure if I will ever get to do (visit Iceland, live in a windmill, get over my fear of flying) and some that I am pretty sure I could do tomorrow if I really wanted to (finish the main quest line on Skyrim, sew clothes for me and Zoe, swim under a waterfall). Some things I have ticked off already (ride a horse along the beach, have a baby, visit New York). My friend Dave has a notebook filled with his bucket list, and quite a lot of them have been ticked off! For me, it's finding the time, energy and money to do these things. Real life just seems to get in the way. *sigh*

I received an email this weekend letting me know that Hannah from the very pretty Dainty and Ivory blog (go and have a peek - go on!) had suggested that I might like to take part in the latest moneysupermarket.com competition, all we had to do was list one budget bucket list item, and one extravagant bucket list item. As you know, I'm a big fan of making lists, and seeing as how I was planning on doing a goal catch-up post in the next couple of weeks anyway, I thought that I could combine the two!

So, here are two of my bucket list items:


 photo scotland_zpsabef5401.jpg
(photo of me and Bidean nam Bian taken by Martin)

Climb Scafell Pike (highest peak in England), Ben Nevis (highest peak in Scotland) and Snowdon (highest peak in Wales) - OK, so we would need money for fuel to get to Ben Nevis and to Snowdon, but I'm sure that we will be having a camping holiday up in Scotland soon anyway - it's one of our favourite places to camp, down Glen Etive, wild camping at its best - only us and the deer. And of course, we both have family near Wales, so again would only need the fuel to get there, a couple of butties and a choccy biccie for the top!


 photo Hirosaki-Castle-Japan_zpsa203a476.jpg

I have wanted to visit Japan since we learned about it in Year 8 at school (so, from when I was about 14 or 15). This wouldn't be your bog-standard backpacking holiday - no sirree!! Visiting all of the wonderful historic sights that Kyoto has to offer, staying overnight in a temple, and of course, staying in a traditional Japanese inn, or ryokan. I would love to visit each of the four main islands; Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Shikoku; visit Tokyo, Hiroshima, and see the Cherry Blossoms. Maybe one day, if we save all of our pennies!!

What would be on your bucket list? I think that Beks, Katie and Laura might like to have a go too!!

I figured this was a good time to review my goals for this year as well, as I suppose you could count this as a mini-bucket list?!?! I dunno!

  • Finish blanket and mend the finished one - Well I've mended the first one I made, but I still have to finish the rainbow giant granny square blanket (as it is now called) - this is because I have decided that I want it to be big enough to cover a double bed. So I have quite a way to go yet. It's currently about a metre square.
  •  Cook 1 new recipe per month - er, I haven't really managed this one - more effort needed!! I'm just so knackered when I get in from work I just want to shove something in the oven. But I have a couple of 15 minute meal style books, so I shall dig those out this week.
  • Go to the dentist - I did this!! Yay! And got 10/10 - go me!
  • Create a cleaning schedule - nope, I just still do a massive sweep whenever we have guests coming round. I am trying to do a pick up around the house once Zoe is in bed, so that the mess doesn't get too excessive. Must. Try. Harder.
  • Organise a calendar - Yep - I have a calendar, some stuff is on there, but not everything! And Martin doesn't pay attention to it anyway. 
  • Lose weight - Well I haven't put ON any weight?
  • Learn to knit - Ah knitting - my arch nemesis!! Give me a crochet hook and I'm loving it, pass me knitting needles and I just get in a right state!
  • Set up Etsy & Folksy shops and sell 5 items in 2013 - I've had five sales!!! Yay!! And two of the orders were for two item each, so I have actually sold 7 items! So I would amend this goal, to sell 10 items by the end of the year.
  • Sew a patchwork quilt - I have a pile of cottons upstairs - I just need to site down and cut it all up, then that's a start made at least! I will do it this year!!

What are some of your goals/bucket list items?

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12 July 2013

Etsy Finds Friday #24

EFF photo EFF-title_zps489d48b0.jpg

Happy Friday you lovely lot! You had a good week?

To celebrate the summer that has lasted more than a week, this week's Etsy finds are brought to you by the colour yellow! Yellow always makes me feel happy, but it isn't a colour I really wear a lot, or have around the house. Zoe's bedroom is yellow, but that was mainly because we didn't know what colour 'bean' was going to be - a pink one or a blue one. So, in an effort to introduce more sunshine into my (and your) life, here are some pretty yellow things!

...And it was all Yellow!!!! (you're welcome for that ear worm).

This is Etsy Finds Friday number twenty four - all of the previous Etsy Finds Friday posts can be found here. Please come back next week or you can follow me on Bloglovin' so you don't miss out on next week's list!

 photo squirrel_zps65973266.jpg

How cute is this wooden squirrel tape dispenser from The Sewing Post? No hiding this little man away in the drawer!!

 photo washitape_zpsbc414b37.jpg

...And to be used in my little squirrel tape thingy? why, some pretty yellow washi tape from the most awesome shop Loollipop - so much pretty!!

 photo ducks_zps5792ee54.jpg

I know that Zoe would LOVE these little rubber duck earrings from onetenzeroseven - she is a little bit obsessed with rubber ducks at the moment!

 photo drress_zps41312756.jpg

But how adorable would Zoe look in this little yellow chevron halter neck dress from All Ribboned Out? Spots and chevrons - what's not to love??!!

 photo noteset_zps5b17cfd7.jpg

I need these printed-on-a-Gecco Owl notelets from Circular Accessories for my stationery stash. What?! You can never have too much owl stationery, I keep telling you!!

 photo birds_zps35ac1bf4.jpg

And last but not least, these adorably cute little neeedle felted birds from felt me up designs. I just wish I was this good at needle felting. Practice makes perfect though, right?

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10 July 2013

What's Been Occurring Wednesday #23

 photo WOW-title_zps6915d30f.jpg 
Hello there! Long time no see! What have I missed?

 photo clouds_zpseb0ab24a.jpg

I seemed to have taken an un-scheduled blogging break for the last few weeks. Since going back to work I have struggled to find the time (and, to be honest, the motivation) to blog, Instagram or even tweet. I've still been reading all my usual blogs so have kept up to date with all my lovely blogging ladies, but I have had a big cull of blogs (and twitter-ers, and Instagrammers) that I was just skimming past - why was I even subscribed to some of them I have no idea! I was feeling overwhelmed and actually getting quite stressed out when I couldn't keep up with all of the blogs I was reading and I thought - this is crazy! Why am I doing this if it is making me this anxious?! I'm supposed to be relaxing here! So now I am feeling a lot more comfortable with the number of blogs on my feed, as well as the number of people I follow on various social media platforms.

 photo bloginc_zpsad1a54d5.jpg

So, now I feel more organised with my blog reading, it's time to get more organised with my blog writing! For my birthday I got Blog, Inc.by Joy Deangdeelert Cho, which I am dipping in and out of - I'm using it more as a reference guide than a read-it-cover-to-cover book. I find that some sections just aren't relevant to my little blog right now, like the chapter about sponsorship, for example. (This seems as good a place as any to ask if you want to do a button swap, just drop me an email - yay!) I do love the little interviews with bloggers in the book - but that is because I am a nosy parker! Becky did a review of the book the other day - you can go and read it here. I also won a printable planner from the very lovely Laura a while ago on My So Called Chaos blog. Which I should really start using. Hmm.

 photo zine_zps348e576c.jpg

I keep meaning to write about all the wonderful things that have been arriving through the post lately. In fact, I have a draft post filled with lots of pretty things. I really should photograph stuff before I send it out, but I am usually in such a rush to get it into the post office that I forget! The photo above is what I received from the awesome Laura from Bugs and Fishes - one of her My Library Project zines, filled with graffiti found in library books in her student days. So much fun! And just look  at how pretty her business card is!

 photo adventure_zpsf37dad23.jpg

This last weekend saw my our little family being very very busy enjoying the nice weather that Cumbria is currently experiencing. Saturday found us pootling around Talkin Tarn, which would have been perfect if not for the very noisy rowing competition taking place on the Tarn. Martin was not impressed by the loud speakers and tannoys, various small animals and young 'posh folk' carting boats around the place. He was happy (for a while) with a tummy full of ice cream, before we strolled back to the car and back to my Dad's for hand-made pizza, cooked on the BBQ. I'm sure that he much preferred our Sunday walk up High Pike with his parents - a 2,000 footer (Zoe's first), followed by a roast dinner in the garden at Plumbland. Tasty!

I am hoping that this post will mark my getting back into the rhythm of blogging again - I am hoping some bloggy inspiration rubs off all of the other lovely Cumbrian bloggers who I'm meeting up with on Sunday for a picnic in the park - bliss! And my mother will be looking after Zoe for a few hours, so I will be child free - wow, I'll get to be a grown up again!!

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