30 January 2013

What's Been Occuring Wednesday #3

Happy Wednesday everyone!

This weekend we took Zoe swimming for the first time - and she loved it! I knew she would as she is just like her Mum - loves being in the bath. It did take her a while to 'settle in' but once she was OK with the idea she had loads of fun. She looked so cute in her little swimming costume as well. It's my nephew's second birthday this month so the family is hiring a pool for an hour or so and having a swim - that's this next weekend. I can't wait!

We had a little bit of snow last weeks as well - the whole country it seemed was covered in the stuff, and here in Carlisle there wasn't any! But on Friday we had quite a bit, which hung around until Sunday morning.

One of the best things I did this weekend was go to a craft fair at the Tithe Barn here in Carlisle. It was being held by My Fayre Lady - you can find her on Facebook here.

My faviorite stall was Goodbye Norma Jean which is run by the lovely Fran. There were sparkly jewels and vintage clothes a-plenty, and suitcases full of silk scarves and handkerchiefs.


I loved these knitting bags (below) , they reminded me of one my Gran had when I was a little girl.

Another stall at the fayre was My Fantasy Caps, which makes jewellery from bottle caps. I didn't take any photos myself, but the Facebook page has lots of photos - this one below is from there.

I loved the photos that Annie had at her stall Photography by Annie. My fave items were a set of coasters of scenes of Allonby and Silloth. Martin and I go there quite often, and it was the first place we took Zoe for a walk after she was born. (Photo below form the Facebook page) 

My friend Marie was on the Sticky Monkey Trinkets stall, so we had a catch up and a man-moan! That's moaning about men, not moaning like or at them! Their jewellery is fab - I've been dropping hints to Martin since Christmas, hoping to get some for valentines day!!

Also there was Gill's Tip Top Vintage (no website yet). Gill has loads of vintage items, from delicate tea cups and dainty boxes, to vintage sewing patterns and jewellery.

Final mention goes to the wonderful lady whose name I didn't get (silly me!) who provided me with the most delicious chocolate and vanilla marble cake. It was epic! I was most pleased when Martin said that he didn't want his so I got two bits all to myself! Lucky me! I will have to go to the next fayre, if no other reason than to get some more cake!!

This was the first My Fayre Lady craft fayre in Carlisle and I don't know if/when the next one will be - so I am keeping an eye on their Facebook page. I know that some of the stallholders will be at a Very Vintage Affair, on 23 March at the Hallmark Hotel.

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27 January 2013

Bloggers of Note

I thought that  today I would share a few of my favorite blogs with you. These are blogs that I subscribe to so that I never miss an update and I find them interesting, well written and really inspirational.

A Beautiful Mess - This is the lifestyle blog of Elsie and Emma who blog about crafts, photography, recipes, fashion, hair and make-up and home decor. I love their helpful tutorials, like this one for lace covered plant pots.

One Sheepish Girl - Meredith is a knitter and crochet-ist from Dallas, Texas. I love her colourful creations, like these little festive drinks she made for Mollie Makes.

Wrapped Up In Rainbows - this is quite a new find for me. Laura's blog is really well written. I especially like her 'What we watched' and 'What I read' posts - I have picked up some recommendations for films already.

How About Orange - I've actually followed Jessica for a few years now and I love her tutorials, and her fabrics. I'm going to have to treat myself to some soon I think!

The Owl Club -Suki's blog is just wonderful - first of all - owls!! I love owls and am so happy that they are ''on trend'' now because it means I can get all sorts of things with owls on! Suki shares lots of crafty makes with us, like this heart hand warmer - perfect for keeping me warm when I am up fells or mountains with the other half!

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25 January 2013

Etsy Finds #3

Greetings! My weekly roundup Etsy faves this week features tea and coffee! I start the day with a big mug of coffee (sometimes with a bit of gingerbread or vanilla syrup), but then it's tea all the way after that - I can get through several cups a day! 

I have made a little Etsy treasury as well with more items - there were so many I couldn't fit them all in one post! Here it is!

This is the third in the series - last week's can be found here., and the first one can be found here. Please come back next week or subscribe so you don't miss out on next week's list!
 Crochet: I adore this cute little coffee cup keychain from Katswag. She does cupcakes and donuts too. 

 Knitting: There are loads of coffee cup cozies on Etsy but this one from shumshu is my favorite! I love the colour and the HUGE button! 

 Art: It's always tea o'clock at my house, and with this print from yumalum, everyone will know! I wish I had a tea pot like this one!

 Fashion: This t-shirt from TeaLoversFestival looks like a heart from a distance, but look closer and you will see little tea cups and tea bags hiding in the pattern. 

 Jewelery: This necklace from LycheeKiss is so clever - it looks like the coffee pot is pouring coffee into the cup! 
 Home: We had a similar biscuit jar when I was younger, and this vintage tea storage jar from  scottishart evokes happy memories

Thanks for reading

24 January 2013

What's Been Occuring Wednesday #2

What have I been up to this week? I know it is now Thursday, and not Wednesday - yesterday went a bit mental with buses and unexpected visitors - hopefully today will be a bit calmer!!

I have been sketching ideas for new shop items in my sketchbook, and I have updated my shop with the hearts and owl from last week's WOW. 

I have also been doing a bit of crochet on my giant granny square blanket:

I asked my friends on Facebook and Twitter if I should keep it quite small (to use as a pushchair/baby blanket for Zoe), or if I should keep going so that it becomes a snuggle blanket for cold days cuddling on the sofa. The unanimous decision was to keep going and have a giant snuggly blanket! So that is what I will do! Hopefully it will look something like this one - maybe even bigger!!

I have been reading a new crochet magazine - Simply Crochet.It was quite good, but there wasn't a lot of 'new' information - things that you find for free online, so I don't think I'll buy it again, unless there is a really good free gift!! For complete beginners it might be quite good as it has detailed directions and photos for all the basics, which would be a good reference guide. 

On Saturday, we had Martin's Mum and Dad around for chilli. While Martin and his Dad were doing man stuff in the garden, his Mum and I took Zoe for a little walk - we ended up in the little community charity shop around the corner. We bought a Bernard Cornwell book for Martin, a book about Queen Victoria for his Mum, a big pile of books for Zoe, and a wooly cardigan-jacket-sort-of-thing for his Mum. All for £5! This is definitely my favorite shop at the moment.

Last week (Friday I think it was) I bought some cheap wool and a bit of fabric in the same shop. I think the wool might become a hat for Martin - it might end up a bit 'boyish' for Zoe. I bought a bit of fabric as well to add to my little stash - one day I will cut it all into squares and make a patchwork blanket. One day!! This cost me the grand sum of £1!

We were out for dinner on Tuesday night at out friend's house - he has just bought a house nearby so we went to have a look and took him a bottle of wine as a housewarming gift. He made Jamie Oliver's Beef Hash from his 30 minute meals book (the link takes you to a wonderful New Zealand food blogger's site - her blog makes me so hungry!!). He just did the potatoes and the hash, and it was absolutely wonderful - I will be making this for Martin again soon!

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18 January 2013

Etsy Finds #2

Hello there friends! Here is my weekly roundup of things that I am loving this week on Etsy. This is the second in the series - last week's can be found here. Please come back next week or subscribe so you don't miss out on next week's list!

Crochet: These bamboo crochet hooks from Brilliant Knitting look lovely - I have a few 4mm hooks and only a couple of other sizes, and I have read that bamboo hooks are nice to use. 

Knitting: I think this knot scarf from Royal Windsor Knits is so cute! I love chunky knit scarves they're so cosy!

Art: How wonderful is this papercut from Ant Design Gifts? Another lovely picture for our walls - this one would look lovely in our bedroom.

Fashion: HaHa! An Octo-pi t-shirt from Binary Winter Press - how fantastic! What a clever idea.

Jewelery: The other half and I love old maps and this antique map of the UK pendant from ResinCherry is perfect! I will be dropping hints for valentines day!

Home: I 'love' this cross-stitched LOVE picture from purplethreaddesigns. I wish that I was this good! Practice makes perfect!

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16 January 2013

What's Been Occuring Wednesday #1

What have I been up to this week?

I have been stitching some little things for my Etsy shop:
 Some little hearts for valentines day - I can't decide whether to turn them into brooches or a garland type thing, or just to leave them as they are.
A little owl brooch - I think I'll put him on a card that says 'owl' love you forever!

I have been reading:
A Game of Thrones (the first book) - I can't wait for the re-run of series 2 to start on TV!
This months' Mollie Makes arrived - so many things to make!

 I have been buying:
 Pretty buttons

and I wish I had bought these t-shirts:

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Wish List - Animals

I have been seeing these wonderful animal print clothes all over lately - these are some of my favorites! These are all from New Look, for the sole reason that New Look has a lot of animal print stuff in at the moment!



Owls on a bag

 Owl on a top

 Raccoon hoodie (with little ears on the hood!)

I wish I could get all of these!

11 January 2013

Etsy Finds #1

Here are a few things that I am loving this week on Etsy. In the style of Meredith from one sheepish girl, I have split my finds into different categories - I am hoping to do a weekly round up of my fave things from Etsy, so come back next week or subscribe so you don't miss out!

Crochet: This linen and crochet pincushion from namolio is so cute! I need a pincushion and this one is so pretty!

Knitting: I love these button down leg warmers from GraceandLaceCo, they would look great over short boots, or under knee-high boots.

Art: I love Where the Wild Things Are and this nursery print from OliveandBirch is so simple but so cute! It would look really nice in my little girl's room.

Fashion: Oh wow! This vintage sewing machine print t-shirt from mandalinarossa is awesome! So colourful and bright. I would love a cushion in this fabric as well.

Jewelery: These Oak Heart Earrings from LaurelAndLime are so dainty!

Home: This Lionel Richie spoon rest from LennyMud made me laugh!
Thanks for reading
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