25 January 2013

Etsy Finds #3

Greetings! My weekly roundup Etsy faves this week features tea and coffee! I start the day with a big mug of coffee (sometimes with a bit of gingerbread or vanilla syrup), but then it's tea all the way after that - I can get through several cups a day! 

I have made a little Etsy treasury as well with more items - there were so many I couldn't fit them all in one post! Here it is!

This is the third in the series - last week's can be found here., and the first one can be found here. Please come back next week or subscribe so you don't miss out on next week's list!
 Crochet: I adore this cute little coffee cup keychain from Katswag. She does cupcakes and donuts too. 

 Knitting: There are loads of coffee cup cozies on Etsy but this one from shumshu is my favorite! I love the colour and the HUGE button! 

 Art: It's always tea o'clock at my house, and with this print from yumalum, everyone will know! I wish I had a tea pot like this one!

 Fashion: This t-shirt from TeaLoversFestival looks like a heart from a distance, but look closer and you will see little tea cups and tea bags hiding in the pattern. 

 Jewelery: This necklace from LycheeKiss is so clever - it looks like the coffee pot is pouring coffee into the cup! 
 Home: We had a similar biscuit jar when I was younger, and this vintage tea storage jar from  scottishart evokes happy memories

Thanks for reading


  1. loving the print and the tea jar - thanks for the follow btw!

    1. that tea jar is awesome, isn't it?! and you're welcome!


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