18 January 2013

Etsy Finds #2

Hello there friends! Here is my weekly roundup of things that I am loving this week on Etsy. This is the second in the series - last week's can be found here. Please come back next week or subscribe so you don't miss out on next week's list!

Crochet: These bamboo crochet hooks from Brilliant Knitting look lovely - I have a few 4mm hooks and only a couple of other sizes, and I have read that bamboo hooks are nice to use. 

Knitting: I think this knot scarf from Royal Windsor Knits is so cute! I love chunky knit scarves they're so cosy!

Art: How wonderful is this papercut from Ant Design Gifts? Another lovely picture for our walls - this one would look lovely in our bedroom.

Fashion: HaHa! An Octo-pi t-shirt from Binary Winter Press - how fantastic! What a clever idea.

Jewelery: The other half and I love old maps and this antique map of the UK pendant from ResinCherry is perfect! I will be dropping hints for valentines day!

Home: I 'love' this cross-stitched LOVE picture from purplethreaddesigns. I wish that I was this good! Practice makes perfect!

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