30 January 2013

What's Been Occuring Wednesday #3

Happy Wednesday everyone!

This weekend we took Zoe swimming for the first time - and she loved it! I knew she would as she is just like her Mum - loves being in the bath. It did take her a while to 'settle in' but once she was OK with the idea she had loads of fun. She looked so cute in her little swimming costume as well. It's my nephew's second birthday this month so the family is hiring a pool for an hour or so and having a swim - that's this next weekend. I can't wait!

We had a little bit of snow last weeks as well - the whole country it seemed was covered in the stuff, and here in Carlisle there wasn't any! But on Friday we had quite a bit, which hung around until Sunday morning.

One of the best things I did this weekend was go to a craft fair at the Tithe Barn here in Carlisle. It was being held by My Fayre Lady - you can find her on Facebook here.

My faviorite stall was Goodbye Norma Jean which is run by the lovely Fran. There were sparkly jewels and vintage clothes a-plenty, and suitcases full of silk scarves and handkerchiefs.


I loved these knitting bags (below) , they reminded me of one my Gran had when I was a little girl.

Another stall at the fayre was My Fantasy Caps, which makes jewellery from bottle caps. I didn't take any photos myself, but the Facebook page has lots of photos - this one below is from there.

I loved the photos that Annie had at her stall Photography by Annie. My fave items were a set of coasters of scenes of Allonby and Silloth. Martin and I go there quite often, and it was the first place we took Zoe for a walk after she was born. (Photo below form the Facebook page) 

My friend Marie was on the Sticky Monkey Trinkets stall, so we had a catch up and a man-moan! That's moaning about men, not moaning like or at them! Their jewellery is fab - I've been dropping hints to Martin since Christmas, hoping to get some for valentines day!!

Also there was Gill's Tip Top Vintage (no website yet). Gill has loads of vintage items, from delicate tea cups and dainty boxes, to vintage sewing patterns and jewellery.

Final mention goes to the wonderful lady whose name I didn't get (silly me!) who provided me with the most delicious chocolate and vanilla marble cake. It was epic! I was most pleased when Martin said that he didn't want his so I got two bits all to myself! Lucky me! I will have to go to the next fayre, if no other reason than to get some more cake!!

This was the first My Fayre Lady craft fayre in Carlisle and I don't know if/when the next one will be - so I am keeping an eye on their Facebook page. I know that some of the stallholders will be at a Very Vintage Affair, on 23 March at the Hallmark Hotel.

Thanks for reading


  1. love your photos, pretty jewelry @Anna.
    i'm a fellow Etsian, also and i just started following your blog, would like for you to check out my blog whenever you have the time for a bit of positive critisism



    1. Hello! Thanks for your comment I have followed back!!

  2. Arts and crafts are a great way to spend the weekend. Too bad I have no talent in sewing of making things but I love the quailty of hand made thing. :)
    I found you on BBN. Follow me back at countrybumpkinreporter.blospot.com

    1. Hello! Thanks for your comment I have followed back!!

  3. Looks amazing, I bet you can find some real treasures and good vintage finds here.

    1. There was so much stuff! But I didn't have any money :( I could have spent hundreds of £££s though!

  4. What wonderful finds...thanks for sharing!
    Your newest fan from Promote your blog.
    Take care,


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