27 February 2013


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What's been occuring Wednesday #6

Hello, and how has your week been so far?

After I had published my last WOW post, I realised that I had told you that my latest Mollie Makes had landed, but not that I had a photo in it! One of my Instagram photos was spotted by the Mollie Makes team, and they asked if they could use it - of course I said yes! I was so excited to see my photo - I feel a little bit famous!!

 photo mmmyphoto_zps1f79b435.jpg
Ooh I'm famous!!

Later on last Wednesday I scooted off to my sister's house for my nephew's second birthday - we had already had a party for him - we went swimming a couple of weeks ago - so he just got his present and a bit of play time. It was so sweet to see Zoe interacting with her two cousins.

 photo kids_zps6a86ae08.jpg
How cute are these three?

Crafty-ness wise, I finished off that butterfly brooch I shared a few weeks ago. I also made a little froggy for my mum from my 'Felt Friends from Japan' book by Naomi Tabatha. He was so fiddly - the pieces are so small! I still think he's cute though! If I make anything else I might adapt the pattern a bit.

 Butterfly - anyone want to buy this before it goes in the shop? £4 for you today!!

    photo froggy_zps85aceba7.jpg
Cute little froggy for my mummy!

I had a little jaunt to our local Hobbycraft too - boy was that a mistake!! It just made me want to spend money that I didn't have on things I didn't need! But while I was there I was looking at the crochet display in the store - later, when I was home, I found out that it was all done by one of my fellow Cumbrian Bloggers, Sooz from soozintheshed.blogspot.co.uk - so I spent the evening reading her blog (she told me on Friday that she had been reading mine)!

 photo soozscreengrab_zps4011193a.jpg
Go and visit Sooz!

On Saturday my mum took me and my sister to see Marti Pellow (he of Wet Wet Wet fame) in Blood Brothers at the Sand's Centre in Carlisle - I did cry. Much. It was fantastic, and the cast received a standing ovation at the end.

 photo Blood-Brothers-group-shot_zps56b35150.jpg
It was awesome!

I have been really busy this week helping my mum to prepare for a Wedding Fair. The fair is at the Cumbria Park Hotel on Sunday. We have a small business creating stationery for weddings mostly, but other occasions too. If you need any stationery any time soon, the website is special-occasions.org.uk - we're on Facebook too!

Thanks for reading

22 February 2013

Etsy Finds #7

Happy Friday my wonderful readers!

So as today is all grey and miserable here in Carlisle, I thought that this week's theme for my Etsy Friday Finds could be rainbows! I had so much fun looking for rainbow items this week - I'm glad I don't have a credit card because I would have maxed it out!!

This is Etsy Finds Friday number seven - all of the previous Etsy Finds Friday posts can be found here. Please come back next week or subscribe so you don't miss out on next week's list!

 photo crochet_zpsba68c842.jpg  
Crochet: I would kill for this crochet rainbow rug from elevensides for our bathroom.

 photo knit_zps23959755.jpg  
Knitting: If I had these rainbow leg warmers from AlevtinaDesigns I could pretend to be Rainbow Brite! 

 photo art_zpsbdd8802c.jpg  
Art: I have admired Caroline Rose's art for ages - this noah's ark print is so pretty! But I would love to have an original piece of art though!

 photo fashion_zpse3c2d41c.jpg  
Fashion: This rainbow skirt from MissBrache is adorable!

 photo jewellery_zpsc9cf7041.jpg  
Jewelery: This rainbow cake necklace  from inediblejewelry looks good enough to eat!

 photo home_zpsadf17e5e.jpg  
Home: These rainbow mugs from RoomServiceVintagewould really brighten up our morning coffees!

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20 February 2013

What's Been Occuring Wednesday #5

Hello lovely peeps, and how are you all today?

We are back from out mini-holiday to Whitby last week, I think I will do a separate post with lots of photos - I hope that isn't too boring! If it is, please feel free to skip it! Quite a few people lately have told me that they are going to Whitby - I noticed that Lucy from Attic24 is going as well!

Apart from being away, I have been quite busy this last week. On Saturday evening we went out for dinner with Martin's parents and his Gran, and my Mum and her hubby. We went to John's Plaice, a  chippy just outside Carlisle. I thought the food was lovely, but the service was awful - they were lurking over the table, practically chasing us out! I understand that it was a Saturday evening and they were busy, but I felt very uncomfortable - I don't think we will be going back, which is a shame, because the food was very tasty.

My mum and I took Zoe over to the North East on Sunday so that she could meet her Great Nanna (my Mum's Mum). She hadn't met Zoe before, and I was worried that as she has dementia, she wouldn't know who any of us were, but luckily she was having a good day, and we had a good natter (about what I have no idea - but she seemed happy!) and Nanna got some cuddles with Zoe as well. It was so nice to see Nanna smiling and happy - last time we were there she was in her own little bubble and didn't know we were there, even though I held her hand and talked to her.

 photo 4generations_zps413f92a0.jpg
Four generations (l-r: my Mum, my Nanna with Zoe, Me - can you see the family resemblance?)

So what else have I been up to? Well, with being away I haven't really been making much crafty-wise. I made three cakes for Martin's Dad's birthday, but those will be in the Whitby post.

I made an owl for a fellow instagrammer (you can find me on there - walkthedust) a while ago, and as she has now received it, I can share it with you here!

 photo owl_zps9167976a.jpg

I got another awesome bargain on Friday at my local charity shop - this basket with several balls of crochet thread, plus a rubber stamp for... can you guess... £1!!! Yes - ONE POUND! I love that shop!

 photo bargains_zps1b009810.jpg

Yesterday Martin not only got up with Zoe and let me have a lie-in, but while I was out with my friend 'the O Dave of Everything', he moved around some furniture in Zoe's room and the spare room so we have more bookcase room. We had a tall bookcase in Zoe's room that was being used as a display unit, so he moved that intot the spare room - there's so much space now we will just have to go and buy more books! And then he cooked the most delicious roast chicken for dinner. What did I do to land such a catch?!?!

Oh, and my new Mollie Makes arrived - I can't wait to make the little purse that was free with this month's issue!

 photo mm_zps786a33e6.jpg

I'm off to eat come cheese-on-crumpets now - bye!

Thanks for reading

18 February 2013

Carlisle Antiques Centre

Hello my lovely readers! Do you like antiques? Or vintage? Or anything pre-loved? I do!

Last Thursday Martin, Zoe and I visited the Carlisle Antiques Centre on Cecil Street. Martin gave me a lift to the dentist (yes - I've been - can cross that off the list!) as he was off work, and seeing as the Antiques Centre is just around the corner, we thought we would have a quick look around.

As we don't have a lot of money at the moment with me being on maternity leave, we weren't looking for anything in particular. I was told about it by Fran who runs Goodbye Norma Jean (I met her at the craft fair I was at, you can read about it here).

 photo outsidefrom192dotcom_zps4d352cb6.jpg
As you can see, there are some steps leading up, then you go through a narrow little door at the side.

 photo street2_zps4265a738.jpg
Once you go through the door, you are in a quaint little street - it is very bizarre, but in a good way! Each of the little 'shops' has different things - the first one belongs to Ruby Blue Vintage, which is where the photos below were taken.

 photo scarves_zpsb6d34e28.jpg
Gorgeous scarves

 photo clothes_zpsd2da72d7.jpg
Racks of vintage clothes

 photo crocksnstuff_zps4e574222.jpg
I'm in love with that coffee set, and the little owl money box, or course!

 photo hamper_zps663c6b0d.jpg
I need this hamper!!

 photo typeshoes_zps325f2b02.jpg
Cute typewriter and vintage patterns!

I wasn't able to take any more photos in the other little shops, as Zoe was having a bit of a moan so I carried her around for a bit until she fell asleep - so I had no hands free!

We didn't buy anything, but I did drool over some lovely rings, and Martin found a calendar from the Whitehaven Brick Company from the 1920s! If we win the lottery, I would buy everything! I will keep popping in to see what new stock they get, you never know what might pop up! 

Thanks for reading

P.S. All photos by me, except the first one of the outside of the building, which I found on google image search from 192.com

15 February 2013

Etsy Finds #6

We have just returned from a lovely break in Whitby so this week I have just put together a collection of some random things that I have been loving on Etsy!

I will be back soon with photos from the trip and a fantastic charity shop bargain too!

Have a nice weekend!
This sloth from  wishwithme

13 February 2013

Storage Solutions

Good morning my fellow craft-a-holics! And how are we all today?

I have been reading Georgina Giles' series about craft storage, and A Thrifty Mrs' series about being more organised in general. As you may remember from my craft room inspiration post, my craft supplies are not very organised.

 This is the old singer sewing machine where I keep most of my supplies, with more at the side

These are my ribbon and yarn stashes - I need to find a better way to store my ribbon!

I use these jars to store all the little fabric and thread offcuts (to stuff pincushions with, or for little bits like eyes etc), and also to store my buttons, The buttons were separated into dark, light and colourful - but they are a bit jumbled up now!

I am temporarily storing all of my knitting patterns in this envelope - I don't know if I am going to sell them on Etsy or keep them - I can't actually knit yet! I also have a bag of random crochet bits from when I was learning that I would like to turn into a blanket or something like that. All of my felt is in a plastic bag, which seems to be working at the moment as I can see all the colours and can just get out what I need. The little tin at the bottom has all those little bits and bobs that will come in handy one day - little bits off crackers, tags, stickers and things like that.

I keep my threads in old jam jars - well, some of them. I also have some in a bag, and some in a box. At some point I will wind them all onto cards and keep them in a box like this one from Lupin Handmade.

Oh, I also have a load of other stuff in the attic - fabric  and sewing machines, all my paper-y things, along with pens and pencils and other stationery. I think my knitting needles are up there too!

As you can see, I really need to have a good sort out so that when inspiration hits, I can just grab what I need and go.

Maybe one day I will have that dream craft room space!

How do you organise your craft stash? Especially ribbons!! I have no idea how to store these in a sensible, accessible way - especially the little short bits! Help!

Thanks for reading

10 February 2013

Adventures in felting

Good day to you thank you please (little Miranda reference there for you. You're welcome).

I thought that I would do a little post about needle-felting for you. Now, I am no expert, by any stretch of the imagination, but I really, really enjoy it. Starting with a little blob of wooly stuff and ending up with a little creation that you have made yourself - I think the fact that it takes so long to make means you get a lot of satisfaction at the end. more in = more out, apparently!

I saw the little needle-felted dogs in issue 13 of Mollie Makes and started dropping hints to Martin. The kit I have is from Gilliangladrag, Martin bought it for my birthday last year along with a how-to needle-felt animals book.
 The kit, outside and inside

This is a really good starter kit, you get everything you need - the needles and a holder, some wool and a sponge block as well. Gillian does a few different kits, you can make bags, birds, flowers, lampshades - all sorts of things!

Gillian also runs courses at the Fluff-a-torium in Dorking - you can even have your hen party there (I wish we lived closer - it would be my idea of a dream hen do!). 

 The book, inside and out - available on Amazon here

The book that Martin bought is awesome and the little animals are so cute! There are lots of cats, but there's also polar bears and penguins - and they are all adorable!

So what have I made with my kit and my book? Well, the first ever thing I ever needle-fleted was this little toadstool - it's about an inch high, and it doesn't actually stand up on it's own, but for a first attempt I'm pretty chuffed with it.

Then for Martin's birthday in July I made this little narwhal. I had seen a similar one on Etsy from the Woolnimals shop. Can you guess which one is mine and which one is from Woolnimals?

(Mine is on the right. Really? No! Yes, really!)

Here are some inspiring needle-felted creations from Etsy, hopefully one day I will be this good!

Thanks for reading

8 February 2013

Etsy Finds #5

Howdy crafty peeps!

This week's theme for my Etsy Finds Friday is Doctor Who. I am obsessed with all things TARDIS! I have to confess that I haven't seen any Classic Who yet (I started with Christopher Eccleston - the ninth doctor) but I will get round to watching it one day! I am saving up my pennies to buy the latest series on DVD - I hoped to get it for Christmas, but got a TARDIS mug and keyring instead! 

This is the fifth Etsy Finds Friday in the series - all of the previous Etsy Finds Friday posts can be found here. Please come back next week or subscribe so you don't miss out on next week's list!

   Crochet: How sweet are these little amigurumi dalek and cyberman figures from GeepCrossing?! My mum used to have a cyberman phobia...

 Knitting: I have always wanted a Tom Baker style scarf and this one from KnitsBySarah is perfect!
  Art: I have been lusting after one of these Starry Night Tardis prints for ages, I absolutely adore this one from BohemianCraftsody - also, awesome name for your shop!!

 Jewelery: How cute is this TARDIS ring from PNWHandmade?

 Home: I think this Timey-Wimey Tardis wall clock would look perfect in our bedroom - it is from UnicornEmpirePrints

Thanks for reading

6 February 2013

What's Been Occurring Wednesday #4

Happy Wednesday everyone!

We had a little bit of snow here yesterday. It didn't hang around long though, so I didn't get any photos. Ah well.

I wrote about our weekend in Monday's post so you could go and have a little read of that if you feel so inclined!

Since then, I've been beavering away. I baked some carrot and walnut cakes using this recipe from Polka Dot Dreams. And they are awesome!!!

 But this is the reason that I haven't done a baking post yet - I made an absolute mess and covered myself and the kitchen in the ingredients and the batter. This usually happens when I bake.

I've been doing a little bit of stitching, making a little butterfly, but I'm not happy with the colours or the pattern on the wings. So it probably won't go in the shop. If anyone wants it though, just say!!

  Reading the mother magazine, free from a baby and toddler event we went to last year (yes, it's taken me this long to read it!). Quite interesting articles about breastfeeding and weaning. Zoe is just starting on 'real food' now so it's good to read about different methods.

Popped into work today to see my old boss (not old in age, I just mean she's no longer my boss). Bargain Hunt is bring filmed there on Saturday and there is a massive poster on the way in. On closer inspection though it looks like some vandals have graffiti-ed on poor Mr Dickinson! It made me laugh!

We are off to Whitby on Saturday so instead of a What's Been Occurring post I have a couple of general posts scheduled. I hope they work!

Finally a photo I took walking back from town this afternoon. There's still a bit of snow on the Pennines!

Thanks for reading
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