4 February 2013

Sunday Strolling

Hello everyone - hope you had a nice weekend!

Yesterday we went for a drive out to Bowness-on-Solway - Martin wanted to have a look along the beach for some nice stones and other beach-comby type things, so while he went off across the boggy estuary, Zoe and I went for a little pootle along the road and took some photos. I had Zoe in her babasling, which I just can't seem to get the hang of. She's much happier in the pushchair!

I was going to take my film camera to take some 'real' photos, but forgot! So these pictures are just off the iphone. As long as the lighting is good, you can get some really good pictures from the iphone - and I always have it with me!


Martin walked down to the end of this peninsula (you can just see it in the photos below) - it is actually where the old Solway Junction railway bridge used to be. According to the Cumbria Railways website: "The Solway Junction railway was planned as a link between the hematite ore mines of Cumberland and the furnaces of Lanarkshire avoiding the long detour via Carlisle. The viaduct across the Solway and the Wampool river bridge were both designed by Sir James Brunlees. The Solway Viaduct was started in 1865 from Bowness-on-Solway in Cumbria to Annan in Dumfries with a distance of 2,544 yards shore to shore and embankments at both ends the actual length of the bridge was 1,950 yards. The viaduct of the Solway Junction Railway took 3½ years to build at a cost of about £100,000 and had 193 spans with 2,892 tons of cast iron for the piles and 1,807 tons of wrought iron. The whole structure was erected without scaffolding with the piles being driven in at low tide. They used 5 barges in its construction which were towed back and forth by the steamer "Arabian" purchased from Clyde shipyard in Glasgow. Because of disputes over the ownership of the shore on the Scottish side it was some nine years before it could be used."


It was cold and blustery but we had a good time - and Martin found some nice bits of sandstone for the garden too!

Thanks for reading


  1. I'm impressed you took those with an Iphone! I can't do jack with my blackberry, haha. I came over from the Blog Hop, come say hi sometime! xoxo


    1. Thank you! Like I said, if the lighting is good, then they come out OK, it's when it's a bit dark they go all grainy :(
      Aah your blog is so pretty - I'm off to have a nosey around now :)

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  3. Love the photos! I live in Texas and want to visit the UK someday!


    1. Thank you! It's lovely in my little part of the UK, lots of coastline and hills (my two fave things) within 20 minutes of home :)

  4. These photos are gorgeous, I love Zoe's expression in the first one! xo


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