6 February 2013

What's Been Occurring Wednesday #4

Happy Wednesday everyone!

We had a little bit of snow here yesterday. It didn't hang around long though, so I didn't get any photos. Ah well.

I wrote about our weekend in Monday's post so you could go and have a little read of that if you feel so inclined!

Since then, I've been beavering away. I baked some carrot and walnut cakes using this recipe from Polka Dot Dreams. And they are awesome!!!

 But this is the reason that I haven't done a baking post yet - I made an absolute mess and covered myself and the kitchen in the ingredients and the batter. This usually happens when I bake.

I've been doing a little bit of stitching, making a little butterfly, but I'm not happy with the colours or the pattern on the wings. So it probably won't go in the shop. If anyone wants it though, just say!!

  Reading the mother magazine, free from a baby and toddler event we went to last year (yes, it's taken me this long to read it!). Quite interesting articles about breastfeeding and weaning. Zoe is just starting on 'real food' now so it's good to read about different methods.

Popped into work today to see my old boss (not old in age, I just mean she's no longer my boss). Bargain Hunt is bring filmed there on Saturday and there is a massive poster on the way in. On closer inspection though it looks like some vandals have graffiti-ed on poor Mr Dickinson! It made me laugh!

We are off to Whitby on Saturday so instead of a What's Been Occurring post I have a couple of general posts scheduled. I hope they work!

Finally a photo I took walking back from town this afternoon. There's still a bit of snow on the Pennines!

Thanks for reading


  1. Hi there! Found you via the blog hop! I absolutely love your little felted header! And the butterfly is cute, too! I have a similar recipe for muffins, that I will be posting on the blog next week, but mine have bananas and are also very yum! Look forward to reading more from you!

  2. I found your blog through blog hop too. Nice blog you have here... and those muffins looks so delicious by the way. :)



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