20 February 2013

What's Been Occuring Wednesday #5

Hello lovely peeps, and how are you all today?

We are back from out mini-holiday to Whitby last week, I think I will do a separate post with lots of photos - I hope that isn't too boring! If it is, please feel free to skip it! Quite a few people lately have told me that they are going to Whitby - I noticed that Lucy from Attic24 is going as well!

Apart from being away, I have been quite busy this last week. On Saturday evening we went out for dinner with Martin's parents and his Gran, and my Mum and her hubby. We went to John's Plaice, a  chippy just outside Carlisle. I thought the food was lovely, but the service was awful - they were lurking over the table, practically chasing us out! I understand that it was a Saturday evening and they were busy, but I felt very uncomfortable - I don't think we will be going back, which is a shame, because the food was very tasty.

My mum and I took Zoe over to the North East on Sunday so that she could meet her Great Nanna (my Mum's Mum). She hadn't met Zoe before, and I was worried that as she has dementia, she wouldn't know who any of us were, but luckily she was having a good day, and we had a good natter (about what I have no idea - but she seemed happy!) and Nanna got some cuddles with Zoe as well. It was so nice to see Nanna smiling and happy - last time we were there she was in her own little bubble and didn't know we were there, even though I held her hand and talked to her.

 photo 4generations_zps413f92a0.jpg
Four generations (l-r: my Mum, my Nanna with Zoe, Me - can you see the family resemblance?)

So what else have I been up to? Well, with being away I haven't really been making much crafty-wise. I made three cakes for Martin's Dad's birthday, but those will be in the Whitby post.

I made an owl for a fellow instagrammer (you can find me on there - walkthedust) a while ago, and as she has now received it, I can share it with you here!

 photo owl_zps9167976a.jpg

I got another awesome bargain on Friday at my local charity shop - this basket with several balls of crochet thread, plus a rubber stamp for... can you guess... £1!!! Yes - ONE POUND! I love that shop!

 photo bargains_zps1b009810.jpg

Yesterday Martin not only got up with Zoe and let me have a lie-in, but while I was out with my friend 'the O Dave of Everything', he moved around some furniture in Zoe's room and the spare room so we have more bookcase room. We had a tall bookcase in Zoe's room that was being used as a display unit, so he moved that intot the spare room - there's so much space now we will just have to go and buy more books! And then he cooked the most delicious roast chicken for dinner. What did I do to land such a catch?!?!

Oh, and my new Mollie Makes arrived - I can't wait to make the little purse that was free with this month's issue!

 photo mm_zps786a33e6.jpg

I'm off to eat come cheese-on-crumpets now - bye!

Thanks for reading


  1. That owl is amazing, I can't believe you made that! Adorable xx


    1. Thank you! You can get it from my etsy shop - etsy.com/shops/thedustyatticshop

  2. Pretty awesome week!

    I am so envious of your charity shop: we would never get a bargain like that in Cambridge! But a vicarious bargain is - almost - as good as a real one ;)

    And I think one of your Instagrams was featured in Mollie Makes this month!

    1. I love that shop - there is usually a good bargain to be found!!
      I know!! I'm famous!! I need to put it on here so I can brag!! Haha!


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