27 February 2013

What's been occuring Wednesday #6

Hello, and how has your week been so far?

After I had published my last WOW post, I realised that I had told you that my latest Mollie Makes had landed, but not that I had a photo in it! One of my Instagram photos was spotted by the Mollie Makes team, and they asked if they could use it - of course I said yes! I was so excited to see my photo - I feel a little bit famous!!

 photo mmmyphoto_zps1f79b435.jpg
Ooh I'm famous!!

Later on last Wednesday I scooted off to my sister's house for my nephew's second birthday - we had already had a party for him - we went swimming a couple of weeks ago - so he just got his present and a bit of play time. It was so sweet to see Zoe interacting with her two cousins.

 photo kids_zps6a86ae08.jpg
How cute are these three?

Crafty-ness wise, I finished off that butterfly brooch I shared a few weeks ago. I also made a little froggy for my mum from my 'Felt Friends from Japan' book by Naomi Tabatha. He was so fiddly - the pieces are so small! I still think he's cute though! If I make anything else I might adapt the pattern a bit.

 Butterfly - anyone want to buy this before it goes in the shop? £4 for you today!!

    photo froggy_zps85aceba7.jpg
Cute little froggy for my mummy!

I had a little jaunt to our local Hobbycraft too - boy was that a mistake!! It just made me want to spend money that I didn't have on things I didn't need! But while I was there I was looking at the crochet display in the store - later, when I was home, I found out that it was all done by one of my fellow Cumbrian Bloggers, Sooz from soozintheshed.blogspot.co.uk - so I spent the evening reading her blog (she told me on Friday that she had been reading mine)!

 photo soozscreengrab_zps4011193a.jpg
Go and visit Sooz!

On Saturday my mum took me and my sister to see Marti Pellow (he of Wet Wet Wet fame) in Blood Brothers at the Sand's Centre in Carlisle - I did cry. Much. It was fantastic, and the cast received a standing ovation at the end.

 photo Blood-Brothers-group-shot_zps56b35150.jpg
It was awesome!

I have been really busy this week helping my mum to prepare for a Wedding Fair. The fair is at the Cumbria Park Hotel on Sunday. We have a small business creating stationery for weddings mostly, but other occasions too. If you need any stationery any time soon, the website is special-occasions.org.uk - we're on Facebook too!

Thanks for reading


  1. Replies
    1. I gave him to my mum at the weekend and she actually squealed! But she's a bit mad :)

  2. Oh wow, thanks for the mention :) I'm still reading by the way :)

    1. I think your blog is awesome - and I hope that you will come to the next CumbriaBloggers meet up so we can meet properly!!


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