6 March 2013

What's Been Occuring Wednesday #7

Greeting earthlings!

Well, what an exciting week it's been here! I have over 30 followers through GFC, I'm nearly at 1000 page views on the blog (it's 997 as I type!!), and I won TWO competitions! I never win anything!

I received an email over the weekend from Elycia, saying that I had won a $50 gift certificate for Hungry Designs' Etsy shop. Eeep! I may have jumped around the sitting room squeeking when I opened the email! I've been and had a look in the shop - it was so hard to choose what to get! I will do a little bloggy post when they arrive.

And then yesterday when I was out with some of my mum friends, I received an email from Sunae from Little Foal saying that I had won second prize in her contest - the prizes include ad space on three awesome blogs - Kitty and Buck, Being Erica, and Three Inch Stitch! Yay!! I have been thinking about getting some ad space, and this is just perfect timing!

 photo littlefoal_zpsfdab58e3.jpg

I have joined the #PostCircle over on Anna's blog, Miss Beatrix (I'm in the red deer group - how cute!) I am so excited to be involved - I love getting 'real' post and I can't wait to send out little happy parcels to some lovely ladies across the country. If you would like to join (you still can) here is a link to the post on Anna's blog.

 photo beatrix_zpsd1a102e2.jpg

On Saturday morning I helped my mum to set up for the wedding fair at Cumbria Park Hotel. We had a room all set up with our stationery, as if it was an actual wedding. It looked fab! Later on, my Dad popped round and we took Zoe to the park for the first time. She loved it!

 photo IMG_5262_zps394dc9f9.jpg

Sunday was the day of the wedding fair and Martin took Zoe for a walk at Kingmoor Nature Reserve while my mum and I worked at the fair. Upon his return he informed me that one of the wheels had fallen off the pushchair! Luckily Martin fixed it when we got home (he is so handy) - we can't afford a new pushchair right now!!

Over the weekend I made two friendship bracelets from tutorials on Pinterest. I could never get the hang of making them at school - all my friends would make lovely chevron and diamond patterned ones, and I just made plaits. And not fancy plats, just your average three strand plait. So as you can see, I made a chevron bracelet and then a fishtail braid one too. I want to make a third one in a different style, so it's a set (I like things in threes) - I'm thinking of making one with beads. What style do you think I should make? 

 photo braces_zps1eaa6683.jpg

I really like this pink/turquoise pairing at the moment. In fact, I have an owl in pieces ready to make for my little sister's birthday (it's ok she doesn't read the blog, so I'm not ruining her surprise!).

 photo pbowl_zpsdb806c6a.jpg
I have no idea why this picture is all blue...

This week I have also added two new items to my Etsy shop - the butterfly brooch from last week's post and a little toadstool brooch I made:

 photo toad_zps538fba1c.jpg
I am currently working on new designs for my shop - what would you like to see ? I also want to get my Folksy shop up and running - it might be better than Etsy, as it is just UK sellers, it is smaller and you only pay when an item sells, rather than paying $0.20 every time you list an item on Etsy.

Thanks for reading


  1. that little mushroom is so adorable! Loving all the crafty goodness xx


    1. thank you! I do have a bit of a thing for mushrooms!!

  2. congrats on your winnings! the colours on the friendship bracelets are perfect!x

    1. Thanks Annie - I'm totally loving the pink/turquoise thing at the moment!


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