20 March 2013

What's Been Occurring Wednesday #9

Hello gorgeous! How's you today?

The highlight of my week has been my First Ever Etsy Sale!!  A lovely lady called Miranda ordered two of my felt initial keyrings (an M and an F), which I made over the weekend and posted off to her on Monday, whispering a little wish that they would be loved. On Tuesday I got a lovely mail saying that they were lovely. As she was my first customer I popped a little note in as well as a felt heart to say thank you, and spent a little bit of extra time making sure the package was wrapped nicely. 

 photo fmcollage_zps3aed8393.jpg

On Thursday my Mum left for her holiday in Australia for three weeks. In her absence I have been making videos of Zoe for her - I'm trying to get a shot of her second tooth that came through on Monday, but Zoe is having none of it! They are having a few days in the Blue Mountains, but will be back in Sydney soon, and we will have another Skype on Friday. At her request, I went and collected all of her card making supplies at the weekend, and what a stash she has - very inspiring for my #PostCircle stash!

I have been doing lots of crafty things lately, but as they are mostly for #PostCircle, I don't want to give away any surprises! I've received two letters and sent two letters and I'm currently working on the next two to send. I've written the letters, I just need to do all the little bits and pieces to go with them.

 photo IMG_5483_zpse7d44adc.jpg      photo IMG_5942_zpsf2103265.jpg

Saturday was really busy - we saw my Dad and Kath, my sister and her family, Martin's Mum and Dad, and did a whole load of shopping too! Zoe now has a walker (as she is determined to be standing up now that she's got sitting sussed!) and also has some sleep suits that fit her properly!

Sunday we went for a walk through the park along the rivers (the Caldew and the Eden meet in the park), and by the castle. Zoe slept most of the way there and cried most of the way back - I actually walked along feeding her at one point! Martin, as usual, dragged random bricks back with us so the pushchair weighted about 3 tonnes!

 photo walk1_zps1ab411de.jpg

 photo walk2_zps603bc871.jpg

 photo walk3_zps68620d4b.jpg

 photo walk4_zpsf843b80e.jpg

 photo walk5_zps5065a7f8.jpg

 photo walk6_zps4e4016f0.jpg

Oh, and I baked some cakes too - I'll do a little post soon as I actually manged to take some photos while I was baking!

 photo finishedcakes1_zps682eaaa0.jpg

I will leave you with this image that I found on Pinterest (I can't find the original source unfortunately). I hope it sparks your creativity today as well!
 photo NEWcreativityquote_zps84dc6d05.jpg
Thanks for reading


  1. Hi! Visiting your blog via Better Blogger Network!

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog
    Exercise Encouragement Group Blog

    P.S. those cupcakes look amazing!!

  2. Love the photo of the funghi on the tree- it's gorgeous! :)

    1. My other half calls it jew's ear - I'm not sure if that is politically correct anymore!


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