11 April 2013

Another Liebster Award - Number 2!

Happy Thursday everyone!

I am on a mission this week to get organised with the blog, the shop, the wedding, and life in general. I have planners-a-plenty, and print-outs ready to fill in with lots of ideas. The only problem is I am quite good at this stage, but then fairly rubbish at keeping up the planning! But I will try!

I received a happy email this week from the very fabulous Annee from AnneeApple saying that she had nominated me for a Liebster award - yay!! Go me!

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As I did one of these not too long ago (here), I decided to just answer Annee's questions - if you would like to answer them as well, please do so in the comments - I am super nosey and love finding out more about my readers!!

1. Where was your last holiday?
We spent a week or so in Whitby in February for Martin's Dad Gene's 70th birthday. We stayed in a lighthouse on the cliff top and ate a LOT of cake. You can read all about it here!

2. Who was your last email from?
*Goes and checks* Apart from spammy emails (that don't count), my last email was from my wedding planner at the hotel we are getting married at - Shap Wells near Penrith. We are meeting on Saturday to discuss the wedding plans. 

3. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
I would probably change my eyes - I hate wearing glasses, but can't wear contacts (they make my eyeballs itch), and am too scared for laser eye surgery! 

4. Who do you admire and why?
My mum - she is just totally awesome and she inspired me to start up my little business, and I look to her to be the best mum for Zoe I can be!

5. What is your favourite 'guilt' food?
Chocolate. Or cake. Or chocolate cake.

6. What is the best book you've ever read?
It was 'The Secret Island' by Enid Blyton - I still have my copy of it and re-read it ever now and then. It transports me back to my childhood where I had not a care in the world. 

7. Who is your best friend?
Probably my lovely Martin. I don't have many close friends really. 

8. What's your all time favourite song?
Ahh this is such a hard question - I have so many favorites! I'll always love Mr Brightside by the Killers, and Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi. 

9. What's your favourite blog to read and why?
I love Hook, Line & Sink her because Katie makes me laugh with every single post. And she is super talented and does lots of DIYs too! And she likes cake. A girl after my own heart!

10. What's the one thing in your life that, if you died because of it, people who know you well would just shrug and say "Well, I'm not surprised"?
Erm, I dunno, internet-ing myself to death?!?! 

11. If you could have a super power for one day, what would it be?
Probably the ability to time travel or invisibility.

Thanks for reading


  1. Oh, I would love to have good eyesight too. It is so annoying to wake up in the morning and don't see anything!

    1. I know, right? And going swimming is a pain in the butt too!

  2. hehe still giggling at 'internet-ing'! Great answers x

    1. Thanks chick! Sorry I didn't do the whole thing.

  3. Awww :) Thank you!!!

    I LOVE The Secret Island. Mostly because I love the idea of small spaces with lots of things fitting in them neatly (I reread and reread the part where they started storing all their supplies in the hollow tree ready for running away), and the romance of camping (as long as I don't actually have to GO camping. Because it's cold and normally involves bugs and no showers. Eurgh).

    I also love Mr Brightside - it's one of the songs I have stuck in my head pretty much constantly but I really don't mind.

    Congratulations on your award! I think my answer to number 10 would be chocolate caking myself to death :p


    1. Ha!
      The thing I love about the secret island is the 'survival' aspect, which is why I love books like the Hunger Games trilogy and the Earth's Children series.
      HeHe I thought your answer to 10 might have something to do with cake!!

  4. hi!i just found ur blog via instagram, its lovely!my fav song is 'all u need is love' by the beatles, my last email was from bloglovin, if i cld change one thing about myself it would probably be my natural inclination for messiness,and my most recent holiday was to the uk last year (and what a holiday!!) well done on the award.

    mezz (aka mezz makes stuff)
    from melbourne, auatralia.

    1. Thanks Mezz - I love finiding out little tidbits about my readers :)


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