17 April 2013

#CumbriaBloggers Meet Up

Hi there my lovely readers!

I had a lovely weekend - on Sunday I met up with a group of Cumbrian Bloggers at the I Love Cafe in Carlisle. It is a lovely cosy little cafe, with a fantastic selection of drinks and the most divine cakes and tray bakes!

 photo from-jo-perfecthidingplace_zpsbfd1300c.jpg
Photo from Jo's blog post about the meet up

We all met through a group on Facebook - when it started there were about seven of us, now there are more than 20! This was the second time people from the group had met up, I missed the first meet as I was in Whitby.  There were ten of us at this meet:

 photo anna-pic-of-group_zps28eb63a2.jpg
From bottom left in a clockwise fashion in the photo above:
Jen from Jenny and the Magic Feather Jo from The Perfect Hiding Place, Sally from Sallytangle, Amanda from Amanda Uniquely, Alice from Tea and Lead, Caroline from All About the Girl, Ann from Prattle and Froth, Cat from Outside Beauty Inside Health. I am not in the photo as I am taking the picture, and Sue from Sooz In The Shed  is not in the photo above as she had gone home!

I had a lovely cup of tea, followed by a slab of very sweet rocky road cake, and a glass of sloe and raspberry cordial. The cupcakes and Victoria sponge looked so yummy as well. I was so excited (and hungry) that I forgot to take any photos of the food and drink! But I did take some of the cafe:

 photo two-pics-from-jo_zps77fa5241.jpg
Again, these two are from Jo's blog post about the meet up
 photo buttons_zpsf7b36d37.jpg
Buttons (yay!) Stuck to a table (think someone's already been pilfering them!)

 photo postcard-table_zps6c70079e.jpg
I loved this table covered in old photos and postcards.

After we had finished eating (and chatting!!) we took some photos of the cafe, paid the bill, and moved on the the King's Head pub around the corner (one of my fave pubs in fact). The chatting continued, although we lost a couple of bloggers along the way, who had to go home, catch trains etc. I had a very nice fruity beer. Yum!

We talked about having another meet up, possibly in May, for the whole of the North, not just Cumbria. Some of the girls have already started planning. If you are interested, just let me know!

I will be back later with my What's Been Occurring Wednesday post!

Thanks for reading


  1. This looks like so much fun! I really need to find out what's going on for Southern bloggers! Any excuse for tea and cake and chatting :) xx

    1. Yeah it is a shame you are so far away :( You could set one up yourself! tea and cake for everyone! yay!!


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