12 April 2013

Etsy Finds Friday #14

Hello and happy Friday my sweets!

So, as you know, we are getting married this year, on 13th August to be exact. And I am way behind with my planning. We are meeting with the hotel wedding planner tomorrow (in Sainsbury's cafe - classy!) and therefore I have been frantically searching and pinning left, right and centre. So it seems fitting to theme today's EFF post to the wedding.You can take a look at my wedding Pinterest board here.

We will be getting married at the Shap Wells Hotel, and if the weather is nice, by the well in the woods next to the stream. As you know we love owls and fungi and stuff, do there is a bit of a woodland theme going on.

This is Etsy Finds Friday number fourteen - all of the previous Etsy Finds Friday posts can be found here. Please come back next week or subscribe so you don't miss out on next week's list!

 photo crochet_zpsbc2dedff.jpg 
Crochet: I am looking for a headpiece to wear rather than a veil and this crochet flower headband from ShopLadyLike is such fun! Zoe and I could have matching ones!

 photo knitting_zps4b1c4dde.jpg
Knitting: As I mentioned above, we do like owls, and have a woodland theme, so these little owl cake toppers from WoodsyWools would be perfect, and fit in with our theme nicely!

 photo art_zpsa46a62da.jpg 
Art: Instead of a guest book I like the idea of everyone signing a print like this one from TJLovePrints that we can hang on the wall after the wedding.

 photo fashion_zps0f417268.jpg
Fashion: The dress!! I want something quite simple with lace, and am in love with vintage styles. This dress from MichelleTan is perfect and could be made to fit!

 photo jewellery_zpsfd9f9226.jpg 
Jewellery: Every bride needs a bit of bling on her wedding day, right? This bracelet from IngenueB is so sparkly!

 photo home_zps177601f5.jpg
Home: how fitting are these candle holders from ChurchHouseWoodworks for the woodland theme? And after the wedding we can use them round the house!

Thanks for reading


  1. We got married at Shap Wells, New Years Eve 2005, so it was a bit too cold to go outside. It was lovely though.

    1. I hope that it's not too cold in August!! Knowing our weather it is quite likely!

  2. Ohhh i adore that bracelet. I only discovered Etsy yesterday actually, Its such a treasure trove!
    Keep it up xxx

    1. Oh I can while away hours on Etsy! It's dangerous! Have fun browsing!!

  3. I want that headpiece just for every day wear. :) Love the cutout in the dress.
    xoxo Aimee


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