15 April 2013

PostCircle and Stationery Haul

Greetings to you!

I've spoken about #PostCircle before, here and here and here. I am enjoying it so much - I love coming in and finding a pretty decorated envelope or little package waiting for me on the mat. #PostCircle is groups of six people, put together by Anna from Miss Beatrix - I am in the Red Deer group (each group is named after an animal) and so I'm getting to know some lovely people as well, including:

Twitter: @serenab_
Instagram: @thisis_serena

Twitter: @megsweetpea
Instagram: @peggysweetpea

Twitter: @annaphi

Twitter: @oh_gosh
Instagram: @ohgoshem
Blog: ohgoshem.blogspot.co.uk

Twitter: @timewasting 
Instagram: @helahic

 photo IMG_5483_zps9ad40a38.jpg
First letter - exciting!!

 photo IMG_59422_zpsc8e53c64.jpg
Second Letter - exciting too!

 photo chick_zps986fc7f3.jpg 
 Third letter - well, card - exciting as well!

With all this lovely post coming my way I decided that I should perhaps stock up on some stationery, so I scoured ebay and (using a nice discount code) Paperchase and bought:

 photo cathkidstonpack_zpsf8d9604e.jpg
Cath Kidston set from ebay

 photo letterspacks_zps41e3e8b0.jpg
Letter writing packs from Paperchase (and a pen too!)

 photo twineandtape_zps0f0a3551.jpg
Washi Tapes and twine from Wilko (blogged about here)

 photo stickers_zpsf1c4a4e3.jpg
Stickers from Paperchase

I also did an Etsy Finds Friday post filled with stationery the other week (obsessed much?!)

Thanks for reading


  1. what a great way to make friends and keep busy! i was part of an IG swap too, and it wasjust great!

    1. It's fantastic, I absolutely love it - I may just sign up for more pen pal type things! x

  2. Yey! stationary! and from Paperchase too! I love the lettersets and have waaaay too many stickers from there, they're just too cute!

    Jen xx

    1. I have a serious addiction now - and Paperchase don't help with their £2 postage emails and sale ends soon emails and look at our new stationery range emails!


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