24 April 2013

What's Been Occurring Wednesday #15

Howdy! What a rubbish morning it is here in rainy Carlisle!

We had another busy weekend. Well, a busy Saturday at least. Martin and his BFF Tony went for a loooong walk on Saturday, starting at High Street, and finishing up on Hallin Fell. As tempting as that sounded (ha!), I thought it might be better for Zoe and I to do something else. So after dropping the boys off at the south point of Haweswater, we pootled off into Penrith town centre (stopping for a Maccy D's on the way, obviously!).

 photo haweswater-walk_zps0a7193f5.jpg

We had a few hours of mooching about in Penrith town centre, wandering about looking at the church and the 'castle' to get Zoe off to sleep (took ages).

 photo penrith-church-standrews_zpsebc812cc.jpg

Then I looked in all the little crafty and handmade shops, and had a dig about in the charity shops (Martin and I love the Penrith shops - last time we went we got an awesome haul!). I was very well behaved, and only bought some Ladybird books for Zoe (and Martin and Me haha!).

 photo vintage-ladybird-books_zpsed41c64a.jpg

I also found the cutest little children's bookshop in the Arcade: Hedgehog Books (website)  (Facebook page) - a proper old-school bookshop, just like I remember from when I was little. It is such a shame that Zoe may grow up without bookshops. I remember when there were loads in every town - now, with online retailers offering such large discounts, it seems that these shops are becoming rarer. I am guilty myself of looking in bookshops, then ordering online, but the price difference is so massive. And I do feel bad that I am not supporting local businesses, but when you are on a budget, and have a book addiction, it's just not possible to pay full price for books. 

 photo phone-cases-pink-purple_zpsdba8488b.jpg

Crafting: My second Etsy order! A lovely lady from Glasgow ordered two of my phone cases in the cutest colurs - I might make one for myself :)

Watching: Broadchurch! Who watched the finale? I guessed it was Tom's Dad, but totally did not see the whole 'meeting up to hug' thing coming. I am not sure where they can go with a second series to be honest. I saw the suggestion that it may be a prequel, focusing on the last case that Alec Hardy investigated. Hm, what to watch on a Monday night now?

Eating: I had a bit of a dinner fail on Monday. Gene & Diane looked after Zoe on Monday afternoon, then they came back here and had dinner. But I forgot to put the gammon joint in the oven to roast. So.. I had to 'hack' the joint to bits (I was attemptng to slice it into gammon steaks - fail!) and we eneded up having gammon egga nd chips instead of the lovely roast dinner we had planned. Silly Me!

Reading: Shameless self-promotion alert! I feel pretty famous at the moment! The lovely AnneeApple blogged about my little Etsy shop here in her Smitten Saturday post, and Suzanne blogged about my wedding mood boards on her blog here. Oh, I have also been given another award - blog post coming soon!! 

Listening: When I had a few hours to myself on Monday afternoon, I spent some of it with itunes blaring out random music, mostly Lady Gaga , Eurythmics and Fleetwood Mac. (Amazon affiliate links)

Lusting after:  I discovered the very wonderful kaeliya on instagram - she sends the cutest kawaii stationery, which led me to the amazing Kawaii Shop Japan. I wanted everything, but limited myself to three cute items - I will of course share when they arrive. The prices are very cheap, ad the postage is not too bad considering they come all the way from Japan! I rally want to write more letters. I am enjoying #PostCircle so much!!

Thanks for reading


  1. I love old-school book stores! I could spend hours in there! It is so much fun!

    1. We are lucky that there are a couple in Carlisle - nothing better than looking at books, except reading them of course!

  2. Hello from across the pond! Love all the links you posted. New follower on Twitter & Instagram :)

    Raquel from @Organizedisland

  3. Great post/photos. I wish I would buy more from local shops too.
    xoxo Aimee

    1. Thanks Aimee - wish I had more money too :(

  4. Aw I love Ladybird books!! I had the bird one, remember the cover :) Thanks for the mention too x

    1. Any time chick! I love old Ladybird books - the shop had about 50 - I couldn't afford them all unfortunately :(

  5. Those cell phone cases are adorable! Love the colors!

    1. Thanks Jen - I've made them in other colour ways but I think these are my fave!!


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