27 May 2013

Bloggers of Note #3

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Hello readers!

Here's my third Bloggers of Note! These lovely ladies are a mixture of recent finds and long-term loves. Pop on over to their blogs and spend some time getting to know them. I hope you enjoy their creations as much as I do!

Glasgow Mummy - otherwise known as Sarah, is a single mummy to two little ones. I love her honest blogging, and glimpses into her family life. She recently completed Project 333 where she restricted her wardrobe to 33 items for 3 months. I think I might struggle with that, so well done to you Sarah!!

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Indigo Buttons - this is a blog all about Kirsty who lives in Edinburgh.She's currently doing an A to Z of me series, which have had me in stitches, and in tears too. And she's a Doctor Who fan so she is automatically awesome! 

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What Laura Did - is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog by Laura from Wales. I am loving her 52 lists project, and always enjoy any of her tips on saving money. She's currently planning her wedding so I am drooling over all the pretty pictures and inspiration in this post.

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Little Foal - I met Sunae when I won a competition for ad space on her blog, and I couldn't have found a more lovely friend! Sunae's blog is filled with lovely posts about her life in Australia (jealous!!) and she is also doing an a to z of me series on her blog at the moment. Go and check it out! 

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Adventures & Tea Parties - I love Jo's blog - it is just so pretty! She has a lovely little Etsy shop here, and sells on Not On The High Street too! What talent this girl has! She's just started a business tips series which I am loving! You can read the intro here.

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So off you pop and give these girls some love!

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  1. Ooh all these blogs look lovely- I'm off to check them out :) xx

  2. Thank you so much lovely! I'm also a fan of lots of these blogs :-) great taste, ha!xx

    1. You are much welcome sweets. haha great minds and all that!! x

  3. Thank you so much for the mention, lovely! I am off to check out the couple I don't already know xx


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