18 June 2013

A House Tour With Joanna - Other People's Houses Month

Hello there my gorgeous readers!

Today as part of the 'Other People's Houses' theme, I have a guest post from the wonderful Joanna from Adventures & Tea Parties - enjoy!

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Hello lovely followers of The Dusty Attic! I'm Joanna from Adventures & Tea Parties and I'm here to take you on a tour of my house. There's a slight catch to the tour however, as I decided to set myself the challenge of picking only one item from each room in my house for Mrs Camera to snap. To make things easier I chose my favourite item in each room.

Now, which room shall we start in? Well, the first room you walk into is...the living room, where my beloved chest sits. My husband bought this for me as an engagement present and I love it! We use it as a coffee/games table and as it's pretty darn big, it's great for stuffing things in that you haven't had time to put away when guests are visiting, tee hee.

 photo 1_zps850de385.jpg

Next up is our dining room, the hub of the house and as a result of this it's a regular tip. In fact the dining room table must have magic powers or something because we're forever clearing stuff away, only for stuff to majically pop up. Above the table is our chalk board, which we picked up from a late night pop up shop in Crouch End a good few years back. It's great for writing notes to each other or to see what "artistic" (i.e. rude!) creations our friends often draw on it, ha ha!

 photo 2_zps6513254a.jpg

In to the kitchen where you can find lots of jars I've found, recycled and purchased for storing our ingredients in. I love this retro way of storing food and plan to get everything into jars and tins, rather than being surrounded by nasty plastic packaging!

 photo 3_zpsddb5696a.jpg

Up the stairs to our bedroom where you can find my much loved mirror, which was previously my Gran's. I keep all my jewellery in here and love opening those darling little drawers to choose a pair of earrings for the day.

 photo 4_zps431ffaf9.jpg

Along the landing to the Creative Room as it's now called. This is where I do all my designing, creating and making. My husband does all his writing here too. I have lots of storage boxes, tins, and jars for all my haberdashery but my favourite is the wooden paint box my Mum gave me. I store all my cotton reels in here.

 photo 5_zpsef2bd6c0.jpg

On to the last room in the house - the bathroom. I actually loath the way the bathroom is decorated - we're currently renting but soon to move to our very first home, so we'll be able to decorate however we like! Despite this, I do have a favourite and yup, it's another storage container! Yes, I do love storage devices! This one is a glass jar, which I keep all my cotton wool in. Again, I like the old fashioned style of keeping everyday house hold items in pretty containers. 

 photo 6_zps6336b448.jpg

I hope you enjoyed a sneak peek at my home. Thanks for having me Anna!

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Thanks Joanna - I loved seeing all your favorite pieces! I love that sewing box! I would love to find one of those at the next car boot sale we go to!!
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  1. What a lovely collection of things. I'm a big fan of trunks, blackboards and jars- so I think I'd love Joanna's house very much indeed. Thank you for sharing! xxx

  2. Storage is so important, particularly in a small space. I'm loving all of these tours.
    But then I'm that person that whenever another unit in our complex has a home open I will go and have a sticky beak.

  3. It was so good to get a peek at Joanna's favourite things! I love a good storage container too :) xx


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