19 June 2013

What's Been Occurring Wednesday #22

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Hello lovelies!

I hope that your week is going well! It's been a while since I have done a proper update sort of post on here, so; here is what has been occurring in our house:

- we went to a car boot sale and found some fantastic bits and pieces, including books, pictures, clothes for Zoe and this barely-used Polaroid Camera for the amazing price of £3.50! They are £50 odd quid new!:

 photo polaroid_zps34ee2582.jpg

- we had a barbecue at my Dad's house which was very yummy and Zoe ate so much food I couldn't believe it!

- Zoe picked me some lovely flowers when she was at her Gran's house one Monday - I love the Peony - I've asked Martin to plant some in the garden.

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-  we went to Birdoswald roman fort and Carlisle Castle with our new English Heritage memberships (a joint birthday present from my Dad). Most of the photos from Birdoswald are on my Pentax film camera (which I need to get developed), but here are some photos from our Castle trip:

I love all of the angles in this photo

I can't figure out who this cannon belonged to - anyone know?

...and the obligatory 'cannon-as-a-rude-bit-of-Martin's-body' photo - it has to be done!

- we both got food poisoning, so Martin's first Father's Day was a pretty rubbish day for us - my Mum came and picked Zoe up at about half ten and looked after her for a few hours as we were so ill! We are all better now though!

- we finished watching the third series of Game of Thrones (OMG!) and so are starting again with the first ever episode and re-watching them all in one chunk! Tiny Bran! Aww!!

- oh and I have eventually finished the the first Game of Thrones book . Yay! I'm now reading The White Queen by Phillippa Gregory, before I watch the BBC adaptation.

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  1. I love Philippa Gregory- her books are magical :) We've just started watching Game of Thrones, about two weeks ago. Now halfway through series two and enjoying it lots- mostly seeing all the British TV actors in something so different to what they were previously well known for (the two from Skins and the guy from the Office). Have already decided next Halloween Tom and I are going to dress up as the king of the horsemen and the dragon queen woman. xxx
    P.S. Can you tell how good I am with actor and character names? :p

  2. This is the cutest!
    Make sure to check my blog out!


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