2 August 2013

Cumbrian Bloggers Unite!!

Howdy peeps,

Are you having a lovely Friday? Is the sun shining for you? 

Instead of my Etsy Finds Friday post, this week I would like to share a blog post written by the amazing Pierre le Cat which features... Me!! Helen has written the post which features a few of us Cumbrian Bloggers for Cumbria Live: 

So go and have a read, then have a read of the rest of Helen's fab posts. She's taking part in CumbriaLive's Big Blogger - the least read blog gets eliminated! Oh no! Go and give her some love!

THANKS photo thanks-signature_zps76499913.jpg

1 comment:

  1. Argh!! So lovely to find this.. Unfortunately I didn't get into the top 3. Gutted! But hey, it was an amazing experience and I loved finding out more about all of you guys! Thank you so much again xx


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