20 December 2013

Lovely things this week

Hello to you! Ready for Christmas yet? Only 6 sleeps to go!!

This week I thought I would do a round-up of some lovely things I have found while pootling about the interwebs. There's no theme or plan, just things I have found that have made me smile!

This website! Gah!! I could easily buy all the things, definitely my first point of call when I get paid next month!!

This post from Seth's blog called 'Marriage Isn't For You' - and I agree - marriage isn't for me. Go and have a read and see if it's for you.

 photo claireabellemakes-ring_zpsbd45bfd4.jpg
I might have purchased something from the Claireabellemakes Etsy shop - she's trying to get to 200 sales before Christmas so go and give her a hand! This isn't what I bought, but it is what I wish I had bought for me!!

 photo embroidery-clock_zps095eeff5.jpg

How beautiful is this clock? I'd love me one of these - hint hint!! It's not too late to ask Santa for a present is it? I hope not! the CuriousDoodles shop is full of pretty things - like this, and this, and THIS!!

I found a fantastic blog this morning - not at all my usual subject but I am captured by her writing and by her work - there is no way that I could do her job! Go and have a read of Ella Shaw's blog

 photo narwhal_zpsf51519b1.png
Source: Shana Logic
Look at this cute little narwhal badge from Shana Logic
Well, I hope you have enjoyed my little round up of awesome things this week! It's christmas next week so I am not sure how much time I will have to blog, so if I don't see you before...
Have an AWESOME Christmas!!! 

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16 December 2013

31 before 31

Morning peeps!

I just found this post, that I should have posted on my 31st birthday. Which was in May.

Obviously I didn't post it then, so I am posting it now! It means that I have less time to cross off everything on the list, but you can all hold me accountable!! Go on, cheer me on!

1. Make a dress for Zoe

2. Make a dress for me

3. Bake one of my Gran's recipes - chocolate cake or cherry cake

4. Make a video of my Gran telling me how to make her cakes

5. Climb Scafell Pike

6. Climb Snowdon

7. Climb Ben Nevis

8. Climb Hellvelyn

9. Finish crocheting the rainbow granny square blanket

10. Visit York again

11. Walk around Buttermere

12. Take more photos on film

13. Use my film cameras more - all of them, not just the Pentax

14. Get some digital photos printed

15. Visit Glasgow

16. Go to a craft fair

17. Make some crochet or felt bunting for Zoe's room

18. Make a patchwork quilt (or at least start to make it)

19. Go to a networking event

20. Make 20 sales in my Etsy shop

21. Visit Bruges

22. Go to my godmother's house for coffee

23. Have something published in a magazine

24. Learn how to use LinkedIn effectively

25. Go bowling

26. Go to Wasdale for a picnic with Martin and Zoe

27. Find all of my baby photos at my Dad's house

28. Crochet a bunny or bear for Zoe

29. Re-decorate our bedroom. Because it is U.G.L.Y!

30. Expand my shop's product range

31. Learn how to wet felt

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10 December 2013

An update! Wat?!

Good afternoon and a happy Tuesday to you my lovely readers, and welcome back!

I have been most busy since the wedding, hence my lack of posts over here. Oh you want to see wedding photos? OK then!

 photo null_zps00028058.jpg
Don't we scrub up well?!

 photo null_zps8b71f0c3.jpg
Confetti fight!!!

 photo null_zpsb2165a4c.jpg
How awesome were the cakes?!

After the wedding Martin and I went for a night at a lovely little pub in beautiful Caldbeck. I would highly recomend visiting Caldbeck if you are ever in the area - they have some lovely shops, including the AMAZING Hesta Scene, which not only sells beautiful hand-made crafts, but also has a workshop where you can undertake classes such as weaving, needle felting and cushion making.

After that, we all went over to the North-East on honeymoon (yes, Zoe came on our honeymoon!) - we spent a lot of the time visiting castles with our English Hertiage cards (a joint birthday present from my Dad); we visited Alnwick, Bamburgh, Belsay Hall, and also went on a trip to Lindisfarne.

Everyday life seems to be so busy at the moment and of course a lot of time is spent chasing Zoe around - she never keeps still and climbs on everything!! Our weekends are always booked up visiting family and friends so I'm finding it hard to make time to blog. But I miss it so much! So, I am going to try to blog more. Easier said than done though, we shall see how I get on!

In more exciting news, I started a new job in November, I'm still at the Uni, but instead of HR I am now a Careers and Employability Coordinator. I really wanted to do more for the students and this opportunity presented itself at just the right time. And as an added bonus, a large part of my role is the careers blog. Yes, my job is to blog! It is like a dream come true!! I'm so excited about this new venture and my mind is full to bursting with ideas!

Wello, hopefully it won't be so long until my next post, I have some time off at Christmas so I am hoping to have some time to get myself organised!

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