10 December 2013

An update! Wat?!

Good afternoon and a happy Tuesday to you my lovely readers, and welcome back!

I have been most busy since the wedding, hence my lack of posts over here. Oh you want to see wedding photos? OK then!

 photo null_zps00028058.jpg
Don't we scrub up well?!

 photo null_zps8b71f0c3.jpg
Confetti fight!!!

 photo null_zpsb2165a4c.jpg
How awesome were the cakes?!

After the wedding Martin and I went for a night at a lovely little pub in beautiful Caldbeck. I would highly recomend visiting Caldbeck if you are ever in the area - they have some lovely shops, including the AMAZING Hesta Scene, which not only sells beautiful hand-made crafts, but also has a workshop where you can undertake classes such as weaving, needle felting and cushion making.

After that, we all went over to the North-East on honeymoon (yes, Zoe came on our honeymoon!) - we spent a lot of the time visiting castles with our English Hertiage cards (a joint birthday present from my Dad); we visited Alnwick, Bamburgh, Belsay Hall, and also went on a trip to Lindisfarne.

Everyday life seems to be so busy at the moment and of course a lot of time is spent chasing Zoe around - she never keeps still and climbs on everything!! Our weekends are always booked up visiting family and friends so I'm finding it hard to make time to blog. But I miss it so much! So, I am going to try to blog more. Easier said than done though, we shall see how I get on!

In more exciting news, I started a new job in November, I'm still at the Uni, but instead of HR I am now a Careers and Employability Coordinator. I really wanted to do more for the students and this opportunity presented itself at just the right time. And as an added bonus, a large part of my role is the careers blog. Yes, my job is to blog! It is like a dream come true!! I'm so excited about this new venture and my mind is full to bursting with ideas!

Wello, hopefully it won't be so long until my next post, I have some time off at Christmas so I am hoping to have some time to get myself organised!

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  1. Congratulations on your job, and the wedding, and what sounds like a lovely honeymoon! Funnily enough, on Monday I was deliberating whether to email you and check if you were doing ok - not in a "I can't believe you've neglected your blog" way (because life is so much more important that blogging :) ) but because I've missed catching up on your busy life by reading about it on the internet :p The wedding looks absolutely wonderful; you all look so happy and those cakes are amazing!! Really hope your new job is shaping up to be as brilliant as you hoped, and that you all have a magical Christmas xxxx

  2. Thank you very muchly :) We had a wonderful time - it seems like ages ago now though!
    Aww it's nice to know that I was missed a little bit - I did wonder if anyone had noticed!
    Hope that your Christmas is wonderful and full of fun! xxx


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