3 February 2014

Insta-update #2

Good Afternoon you lovely lot! How is Monday treating you so far?

I loved doing my last Insta-update, so I thought it could become a semi-regular feature her on the blog. What do you think? It probably won't be every week - I don't put enough on Instagram for that - but every now and again I'll stick a few pics on here and witter on about what we've been up to.

Here we go...!!


It was a pretty grey and miserable day in Lancaster the other week when I went down for our team meeting, but on the way back to the train station, I spotted this colourful little bit of yarn bombing! It really brightened up my day and sent me home with a cheery smile on my face. Now I'm planning on yarn bombing something up here in Carlisle - anyone have any ideas?? 

Oh, and after posting this picture on Facebook, I got a lot of questions "what exactly is yarn bombing??" so I had fun explaining it and showing people the photos from Lucy's blog about the yarn bombing that was done for Yarndale last year. I'm planning on going to Yarndale this year - and Woolfest in Cockermouth. I planned on going to Woolfest in 2012, but then Zoe appeared. Then planned for 2013 but there was the wedding and... well, I didn't make it again. This year I will go!!!


We have had a few mornings lately with gorgeous sunrises - this one was about a week ago. It's funny going on Instagram sometimes, as there will be similar photos from my friends across Carlisle (and sometimes further afield)! 


I've mostly been keeping up to date with my crochet mood blanket, I should have done 12 by today's date but have only done 10 - not bad really!! I'm planning a few nights this week of crochet while Martin plays on the xbox. I love that we spend time together, each in our own little worlds, but happy enough to pause and chat about little things. 

I made Martin the little crochet heart from Sam's pattern - she shared it on her blog the other week and I could not wait to make it! I used the red cotton yarn that my lovely godmother gave me when I went to stay with her in Seascale for her birthday. We had such a lovely weekend, wine, good food, and great company!! I met her sister who is a knitting queen - go and have a look at some of her projects on Ravelry here. Both my godmother and her sister make the most beautiful lacy shawls. I wish I could knit!!


Oh, and here is Genghis, who is "helping" me make some crochet squares. Cheers Genghis!!

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  1. That sky is stunning! I never remember to look out for sunrises or sunsets, and then kick myself whenever I see beautiful photos! Yarnbombing is brilliant; it really makes me smile xxx

    1. I really want to do some round here, makes me smile too!! xxx

  2. That sky is beautiful! Wow!! Genghis is so cute :) I bet he enjoyed helping you make the crochet squares ;)

    Thank you so much for linking up to #TWTWC! xx

    1. Thanks Hannah, he's a little monster!!
      Hopefully I'll be liking up again soon! xx

  3. What a beautiful sky! And I love the mood square :) Genghis has the same look as my cats once they see wool... maybe it's genetically programmed?! xx

    1. I think all cats are genetically programmed to go mental at the sight of any dangly object!!

  4. Great find! You've just reminded me that yarn bombing is on my alphabet year list. I spotted Queen Victoria with a Dr Who scarf in Bristol last year (it was a chilly day, so I'm sure she appreciated it. ;) Now I've just got figure out what to do round my neck of the woods.

    1. Ooh alphabet year list - what's that? Sounds interesting! Let me know how the yarn bombing goes! x


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