20 May 2014

Being Adventurous #BEDM

Hello Lovelies!

Us Robinsons love adventure - in fact Martin is off on one right now! He's popped up to Scotland for a few days of Munro bagging, then when he gets back we are off to Eskdale for my birthday - woop!!

 photo mandzatsilloth_zps7a4137e0.jpg

Martin is a lot more into walking than I am - I'm a bit of a fussy walker - it can't be too cold, or raining, snowing or any other precipitation; it can't be too hot or sunny, and it can't be windy. So that leaves 2 days a year that we can go!! Just kidding, as long as it isn't too cold or too rainy I'm happy! I think I've done about 20 Wainwrights now, Martin has a list of the ones that I have done so far.

 photo adventure_zpsf37dad23.jpg

Zoe loves adventuring too - we recently went on a walk up Catbells and after we had eaten our lunch she took Grandad by the hand and took him off walking down the other side!! We watched them until they turned into little dots, expecting Zoe to get tired and need picking up, but she just kept going!

I'm looking forward to our walk up Scafell Pike next weekend, and I think Zoe is too!

Adventure is out there!!

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  1. I just LOVE Zoe's coat in the first picture!!

    There's nothing wrong with being a fairweather walker! :-)

    B x

  2. I'm with you on the fairweather walking- there's no fun walking if your legs are all wet and your trousers are sticking to them (one of the worst sensations of all time). And I refuse to buy waterproof trousers, because I'm not 45. xxx


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