31 May 2014

Blog Every Day in May 2014 - I did it!! #BEDM

Hello Lovelies!

Yaayy!! Pop the champagne and hang out the bunting - I blogged every day in May! Go me!

[ crochet bunting from BeckyGarratt on Etsy ]

So what have I gained from blogging every single day in May? Well, I'm more motivated in my blogging in that I want to blog more and I have loads of ideas for other posts (err, hello 36 draft posts!). I have also learned (maybe most importantly of all) that I don't need to write a massive long post with loads of photos every single day - short and sweet posts are OK too!

I've really enjoyed reading along with everyone else's posts, and following along with the #BEDM hashtag on twitter - sorry I haven't replied and commented much - I have been reading though!!.

These are some of my favourite posts from the last month:

Passion Projects - Crafting and Me
What's in my bag
A Photo and Hour
Museum Day
Home Sweet Home

So I am going to be blogging more, and hopefully more regularly too, rather than sporadically here and there. It might just be once a week, but hopefully it will be every week.

What have been your favourite posts?

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  1. Lovely work !
    I will follow you ; )

  2. Your Home Sweet Home post, the one about your birthday weekend, and your morning routine posts xxx

  3. Woohoo! Well done on making it - really enjoyed your posts :)

  4. Hoorah! Great job and thank you so much for taking part!

  5. 36 draft posts?! Whhhaaattt! And I thought I had loads haha.
    Well done on daily posting, don't know how you BEDM girls do it! x

  6. Woop woop! Yay for completing BEDM! :-) x


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