28 May 2014

Bloggers of Note #5 - #BEDM

Hello Lovelies!

Wow I haven't done a Bloggers of Note post for a while - the last one was actually on 29 July 2013!! You can read all of the other previous posts here. A lot of my fave bloggers are included on those previous posts, but here are a few more for you to go and check out!!

Color 'n' Cream - Jennifer from the Netherlands' blog is full of lovely colours, fab crochet photos with tons of patterns and inspiration. Any visit to her blog fires off my 'creative brain' and makes me want to rush out and buy all of the yarn!! Her crochet coasters (amongst other things) are for sale in her Etsy shop too!

Daisy Cottage Designs - Lauren writes this fantastic blog, all about family life, with some crafting and crochet in there as well! She has some fantastic ideas for crafting with kids and also has lots of tips for selling on Etsy which I have found really useful. 

Scathingly Brilliant - Kate has the prettiest wardrobe of any blogger ever, as you can see in this recent post from her in the screenshot below. She has the most adorable cats, and also has the perfect office/bedroom space I have ever seen! She also creates adorable art with her Flapper Doodle girls. She is pretty much perfect!

Amanda Uniquely - Amanda is a fellow Cumbrian blogger, and lover of crafty crochet-ness. She also runs her own business (Social Elf) and blogs about family, crafting, food, and our lovely home city of Carlisle.

Emma Lamb - I have known about Emma Lamb for years but only recently discovered her blog. With lots of pretty posts about knitting, crochet, home decor and patterns (which you can also get in her Esty shop, along with her pretty crochet garlands). 

Heart Handmade UK - This beautiful blog includes lots of crafty projects, DIY tutorials, crochet, patterns and super inspiring interiors. It is the most Pinterest-worthy blog out there if you ask me!!

Who are your favourite bloggers?

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  1. Thank you so much for including me! :D

  2. Oooh new blogs to read- lovely stuff! I might do a similar post to this one soon so I can share my favourites- too many to list here! xxx


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