5 May 2014

Cinco de Mayo - let's be Mexican! #BEDM

Hello lovelies!

I thought today I would take the theme of the day and talk about my trip to Mexico back in 2006. Now this was with my ex-husband who I only ever refer to as 'knobhead' - which I am going to get sick of writing so let's just call him 'K' (short for 'knobhead').

We went to Cancun in Mexico in 2006 for my birthday, we spent two weeks there and had a fab time! We went on quite a few trips out to places like Xcaret which was on the coast and had lots of different things to do, we swam with dolphins and snorkelled through reefs and caves. 

I got rid of loads of photos from the trip cos they had K in them, but I did keep a few:

Check out the skinny-ness!!

One thing I regret about the holiday (apart from saying yes when he proposed!!) was that on the day we were booked to go the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza I was poorly sick so we didn't go. We never rescheduled the trip, instead booking to go back to Xcaret. I can't believe I went all the way to Cancun and didn't see any Mayan ruins!!! 

I'll just have to go back to Mexico!!

THANKS photo thanks-signature_zps76499913.jpg


  1. You absolutely will, with your new (better!) better half and Zoe of course. I hope there was a silver lining (in hindsight) of your ruined visit to the ruins and you accidentally sicked up on K a bit. xxx

  2. Well, you have the perfect excuse to return now and make new Mexican memories without K!


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