25 May 2014

Dedicated to my little sister #BEDM

Hello Lovelies!

It's my birthday today, but it's also my little sister's birthday too! I remember wanting a bike and a goldfish for my fifth birthday, and I ended up getting a sister! Lucky me!

I thought I would embarrass her by sharing a few photos of us!

So this is my sister Alice, there exactly five years between us. I love her to bits even if we did sometimes do each other's heads in! I remember telling her she was adopted once - she didn't believe me!

My Mum loved dressing us in matching clothes! Lucky Alice got to wear the outfits twice - once new and then she got them again 5 years later as my hand-me-downs! Poor thing!!

I didn't always enjoy having to share my birthday, but it's actually pretty great - it sort of becomes like a mini-Christmas sometimes!! This year my mum has planned something for us both - it's a secret though, I have no idea what we are doing but apparently we have to wear pretty dresses! Hopefully not like those in the photo above!!

Happy Birthday Alice, I love you lots and lots like jelly tots!!

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  1. Happy birthday lovely lady! And wowza, that's amazing you share the same birthday as your sister! What an awesome birthday present that must have been! Hope you both have a lovely jubbly day!
    Jo :-) x

  2. Ah how sweet! I can't imagine having a sibling with the same birthday as me - I used to have a proper tantrum if I found out ANYONE had the same birthday as me when I was younger haha!

  3. Those photos are adorable! I hope your birthday surprise was seriously awesome xxx

  4. The most awesome people are born in May!!!!

    Happy birthday. :)


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