14 May 2014

Home Sweet Home #BEDM

Hello Lovelies!

Remember my house tour? Instead of doing another one the same, I'm going to show you some of the little details you might have missed in the last tour.

Sitting/Living Room (what do you call it?) - here are a few little bits and pieces from my living room (from top left in a clockwise fashion) - my Mollie Makes collection | Zoe's art wall and a clock, this is the corner my vintage singer sewing machine is - it belonged to my great aunt and the original receipt is still in one of the drawers | dragon candle holder wall thingy | the top of the bureau, with globe, penguin, and other tat.

Bathroom, kitchen and stairs - top left is the bathroom (which you didn't get to see last time) | All of the pictures is the map wall that goes right up the stairs - it's a work in progress | cork collection in the kitchen | my wedding bouquet and some of our vase/glass collection.

Our bedroom - on the top row, top left and top right you can see the hearts that Zoe made for our wedding last year - I think she might have had some help from her Gran though | in the middle at the top is the dodgy picture we have in the alcove which I talked about in my vlog | the windowsill | this kitten drawing has been in ever house I have ever lived in since I got it | our bed, complete with owl!

Zoe's room - cushions at the end of Zoe's big girl bed | more cushions - there are on the chair | the orchid that Martin's mum and dad bought us the day Zoe was born | Zoe's shelf, with money boxes and her toadstool garland.

Spare Room - the windowsill, with lots of plants on it | phone box and post box models | Martin's map collection (this is just one shelf - he has two!)

Attic - I didn't show you any pictures of the attic last time as it was such a mess! Yes, this photo is of it tidy!

Did you like my house-tour-that-isn't-a-house-tour?

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  1. I love the map wall. It's awesome. And that is an impressive Mollie Makes collection. I've just cancelled my subscription, well, swapped it to Simple Things, but the ones I have will be on show in the craft room if we ever move! x

  2. Aw all of little miss's art work on display is so cute! And wow thats alot of maps haha

  3. I LOVE your sort-of house tour.
    1. I ruddy love your wall of maps. We also have a work-in-progress gallery wall going up the stairs, and have done for the last 3.5 years. Essentially, we have clusters of 3ish picture frames spaced randomly up the stairs.
    2. That dragon candle holder is brilliant. If it was in a Goosebumps book I bet it would come alive at night.
    3. Zoe's toadstool garland is so sweet- where is it from, please?
    4. That woman in the picture in your room REALLY liked being almost mauled to death by zombies, didn't she? (I don't know if that's what happened, but seems likely).

  4. That map wall is SO COOL! Also love the penguins, the owl cushions and I want that Irish telephone box


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