21 May 2014

My Workspace (at work) #BEDM

Hello Lovelies!!

Today's #BEDM prompt is 'my workspace' - so here is my workspace at work (rather than my workspace at home which is usually the sofa or bed!!).

I used to have a massive desk in a massive office with lots of space to keep lots of stuff, which is what happened - I ended up with 'stuff' everywhere! As you can see, it's essentials on the desk now - notebooks and diaries, pens and pencils, and coffee!! Definitely a necessity at work, especially on a Monday morning!

But as you can see it's not all that pretty or inspiring. I do have two windows to look out of (as opposed to my old office where I had zero windows! But I would love to add a bit of personality (and a bit of colour) into the office.

So I've made a little wish list! These are a few of the sort of things I would like for my little office. We are actually having a 'bring a plant to work' day soon - so I will be taking along a little succulent - hopefully I will manage not to kill it - I don't have much luck with plants - no green fingers here!!

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  1. I love everything you've chosen :) Desks with windows are much better than desks without them - especially in the winter so you have proof that it hasn't just been dark all day (as it used to seem when I worked in a windowless office- dark when I arrived, and dark when I left). xxx


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