17 May 2014

Photo an Hour - May 2014 #BEDM

Hello Lovelies!

Here's my #BEDM day in the life/photo an hour post. I took all of these photos yesterday (Friday) but instead of publishing them last night, I thought I would do it today, and put a different post up yesterday. Which I did, you can go and read it here!!

This is pretty much and average Friday for me. I get up with Zoe, pootle, have lunch with my girlies, go to booby class, come home, have tea, put Zoe to bed, then chill with the Mister before popping off to bed myself. How exciting!

07:00 - Up and time for breakfast - fruit and fibre with banana -yummy!

08:00 - Cuddles after breakfast! As you can see Zoe had coco pops for breakfast which she manages to COVER herself in every day without fail. Which is one reason why we don't get dressed until after breakfast!

09:00 - Time for my second cup of coffee of the day! I can only have 2 a day or the caffine makes me go a bit loopy- mental! Also my heart goes weird too!!

10:00 - Unloading the dishwasher. Wow what I totally excellent life I lead!

Bonus 10:15 photo!! Zoe did a wee in the potty so we had to take a photo! Fantastic!!

11:00 - Zoe 'helped' me to crochet a mandala to send off to Lucy at Attic24 to be displayed at Yarndale, hopefully I will get to go this year!

12:00 - Walking through the park on the way to have lunch with the girls!

13:00 - Zoe totally crashed at booby class after lunch. Bless! Her being asleep means I actually get to talk to people instead of just chasing her around all the time!

14:00 - The view from the window at booby class, we will be heading off home soon.

15:00 - Finishing off the mandala while Zoe plays with her toys and watches Peppa Pig.

17:00 - Chopping up some veggies for tea.

18:00 - And here is that tea - steak, chips, egg, onion rings. mushroom and onions. Super healthy!!

19:00 - Going upstairs to get ready for the bath - Martin jumped in with Zoe tonight!

20:00 - Daddy reading Zoe a story before she has her milk and goes to sleep. My turn tonight!

21:00 - Yummy reduced raspberry panacotta while blogging. Martin is playing on the xbox.

22:00 - bedtime for Anna - zzzzz!! I didn't take a photo for this one, I'm just in bed!! 

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  1. I love these posts, especially ones like yours which are so honest (rather than staged). I think Zoe might be some kind of chocolate-multiplying magician; there's definitely a lot more than one bowl of Coco Pops' worth of chocolate on her pyjamas! You need to cash in on that now (and by "cash in" I mean, EAT). xxx

  2. How cute is she! And that photo of her being read a story is just beautiful x

  3. I love a good photo an hour post!


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