11 May 2014

These are a few of my favourite pins #1 - crochet #BEDM

Hello lovelies!

So today's prompt for Blog Every Day in May is British Sandwich Week, but as I don't get much more adventurous that cheese and pickle, I thought you would be much more excited by the introduction of a new series here on the blog!

So this new series, which I have creatively called: These are a few of my favourite pins (and it is a requirement that you sing it in your head!!), is all about the things I have been pinning to Pinterest. You can find me at pinterest.com/walkthedust

I have a confession to make - I am a serial pinner. I pin, pin, pin all the pretty things but hardly ever do anything with them! So I will put them on here and you can all ask me in three months time how these projects are coming along!!

I am in love with this stripy blanket from littlewoollie.blogspot.co.uk - I especially love that it's a 'do-whatever-you-want' style of blanket - there is a guide on the blog to the different stitches (and it is actually a crochet-along, so you can follow the pattern exactly if you want) so you can make it however you fancy!

OK so who thinks that these crochet letters would look fantastic in Zoe's room on her shelves? I could do yellow and purple to fit in with the colour scheme in there. Oh! I could do an 'M' and an 'A' and make them into cushions for our bed (let's conveniently forget that Martin disaproves of cushions). The pattern for these is over on Ravelry here: 3D Letter Pattern

I am a little bit obsessed with crocheting socks at the moment. I haven't actually started a pair yet, but I have patterns and yarn (see my work in progress list here) so that's a start!! This pattern for rainbow socks from the oomanoot blog from looks super easy!

A while ago I was on a mission to find the ultimate crochet heart pattern and I love these embellished crochet hearts from jose-crochet - I can see these being used as lavender smelly things that you put in your knicker drawer, or even Christmas decorations, done in red, white and green yarns!

No crochet round up style post would be complete without an Attic 24 pattern - this blooming flower cushion pattern has been on the to-do list for a looong time!!

Please do leave your Pinterest link in the comments!!

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  1. Love this new series! I'm a serial pinner too but like you I don't always follow through and actually make stuff. I'm going to have a go at those letters and the socks though!

  2. Ooh! I love all of these, especially that stripy blanket! Oh I wish I was crafty and talented like all you crafters! :P x

  3. Yes I'm totally the same - forever pinning but not actually DOING.

    Really want to try and crochet a pair of socks, I haven't been brave enough to try anything outside of blankets and amigurumi at the moment.

  4. Oh wow. Good collection. I love love LOVE the blanket, the letters, and the flower cushion. Might have to dig out my crochet hook! xxx


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