7 May 2014

Weekday Morning Routine #BEDM

Hello lovelies!!

I wrote about my weekend routine a few days ago here, so I thought it would be fun to do our weekday routine as well!

Martin's alarm goes off at about 6.00 am, sometimes Zoe and I wake up then, sometimes we manage to sleep through it. If we do wake up we tend to stay in bed watching Peppa Pig until Martin leaves for work - he gets in the way otherwise!! Once the coast is clear, we get up and go downstairs for breakfast. I have fruit and fibre with a banana sliced in it, and Zoe has toast, cheerios or grapes and raisins. She's fussy on a morning so I try to make different things for her each day to keep it interesting!

When I have finished my breakfast and coffee (while catching up on blogs, twitter and instagram), I go and get ready while Zoe finishes eating. Once I'm ready I go and get Zoe and get her ready and then I do a couple jobs like feeding Genghis, loading the dishwasher or putting washing in.

Then it's in the car and off to work via nursery!

On mornings when I have to go to Lancaster for work, I need to leave earlier in order to catch the train, so I don't have time to have my leisurely breakfast. What I tend to do instead is take some breakfast biscuits, one of Zoe's yoghurts and some fruit with me and buy a Costa on the way to the station. I love BelVita biscuits to grab as I'm zooming out the house - it means that I don't spend all my money on pastries in Costa - but I do like a proper coffee, especially when I'm up and out early to get the train. My fave are the yoghurt crunch ones - sooooo yummy, you get your chocolate fix, and as a bonus, I find that I don't get the munchies about 11am so they are sort of diet biscuits in that way - meaning I don't eat crisps and sweeties before lunch. Oh, and Zoe loves the cereal and milk flavoured ones so if she hasn't eaten much of her breakfast I'll give her one to nibble on in the car. Yum!

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  1. Working miracles every day - that's the life of so many mums and you are one of them. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

  2. Aww you are like me, eating on the hop! x

  3. I have fruit for breakfast at my desk during the week - my stomach doesn't wake up as early as I do, and I think it makes the morning better to have things to snack on. The weekends are a completely different story; bring on the carbs! xxx


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