16 May 2014

What's in my bag #BEDM

Hello lovelies!

How are you today? I thought I would do something that I haven't done before here on the old blog today.

You lucky lot get to see what's in my bag! Woop!!

My bad was from Amazon, Martin bought it for me for Christmas (after I dropped a not-so-subtle hint), and I loooove it!! Red polka-dot satchel - what's not to like?!

This is exactly what was in my bag at 2.30 pm on Thursday 15 May 2014, I didn't take anything out or empty it or anything like that - this is really what was in my bag! If it had been a work day there would probably be an empty lunch box, a bottle and maybe some fruit as well.

So, what have we got? Starting in the top left corner, there are a couple of recipe cards from Sainsbury's, a receipt from the library, my work diary and my personal diary (with foxes on - cute!). My spotty Cath Kidston umbrellaand my name badge for booby class (that has totally the wrong name on it!). A bus ticket and a train ticket, a USB stick shaped like a Lego (thanks Dad!) and my headphones. My pink purse (a Christmas present from Mummy) with geisha dolls on it. My card for work (you are totally not seeing that photo!!), painkillers of two varieties, a perfume sample I was given in Debenhams, five pens, Vaseline, two lipsticks and a felt purse with a crown on it that has all of my business cards in it (I have three different business cards now!!).


Want to know anything about any of my bits and bobs - just ask!!

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  1. Argh I love that fox diary!!

  2. I love bag snooping posts; they may be my favourite posts of all! Those and kitchen makeovers, anyway. That crown purse is so sweet :) I love that Lego USB too (obviously) and that (as I'm sure you know) we're basically satchel twins; although mine is sunshine yellow rather than red. xxx


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