26 February 2015

Pregnancy: Week 29 update

Hello Lovelies! 

When I found out I was 'up stick' again, I thought it would be a wonderful idea to keep a record on the blog of each week, how I felt, what had happened, and all that jazz. But yeah. That didn't work, did it? The original plan was to do these update type posts from 12 weeks so let's just pretend I've been doing this all along shall we?! 


Sprout weighs about 1kg and he measures about 39cm from head to toe. 

Due date

Our due date was confirmed at the 12 week scan as being 14 May and it hasn't changed since. 

How far along

29 weeks and 3 days. 


We aren't finding out the gender this time, we didn't with Zoe either. I have a feeling Sprout is a boy, but then again, I thought Zoe would be a boy so who knows?!! 

Stretch marks

I've been lucky so far in that I've only found a few marks on my tummy. Last time I didn't get any until the birth - I had an emergency c-section with Zoe and it was only afterwards I spotted stretch marks on one side of the scar. 

Belly button

Still an 'innie' but only just! If I move my tummy muscles a certain way it pops out!! 


I usually wake up at least once for a wee through the night, but it's Zoe that's causing more sleep issues than Sprout. Maybe I'll do a post alllll about Zoe's amazing sleep habits! Basically she comes into our bed at some point through the night. Sigh. 


I've been drinking a lot of milk and milkshakes, and eating a lot of mini eggs (not a craving really, they are just yummy haha!). 


How much detail so you want?! I've been getting terrible heartburn for months now, hence the milk drinking! A bottle of Gaviscon is never far away! I've also been feeling some pain in my hips, lower tummy area and 'undercarriage' when walking. I've mostly just been feeling huge and uncomfortable. Also piles. Joy. 


Sprout is fairly wiggly, the last few weeks I've been able to see him moving as well as feel him. Although the last few days I think he's fashioned a stabbing device out of a rib or something as he keeps jabbing me in the ribs with something pointy! (Probably an elbow but it feels so sharp!!). 

What I'm missing

Red wine! I got some non-alcoholic wine from Sainsbury's a while ago, which was ok but was basically grape juice. I'd love a proper glass of Pinot Noir! 

What I'm looking forward to

I have a half-day off work on Tuesday so am looking forward to that! My Mum has also promised me a weekend away in Newcastle, including cinema, dinner and shopping! Yay! 

Best moment this week

Zoe singing Baa Baa Black Sheep and when she's finished the first 'verse' putting her finger up and saying 'me not finished yet mummy!' Before singing the next part! It was so cute! I know this isn't Sprout-related but it was sooooo sweet!!

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24 February 2015

Weekend Round-up: Soggy Bums and Shelving (TWTWC #1)

Hello lovelies! 

I'm going to attempt to do these weekly sort of round up posts, and link up with Hannah's linky at Make, do and push. I used to do this a while ago, but haven't for a year or so, so I'm starting again at #1! Oh and I'm also linking up this week with the #PointShoot linky on YouBabyMeMummy.

It was a pretty busy week at work, with a couple of events being held that I had been working on for a few months - luckily they both ran really smoothly - yay!


Usually on a Friday Zoe and I pootle along to Rhyme Time for a sing and a dance with some of our friends, but it wasn't on this week because of half-term, so off we went on the bus to the park. Zoe loves going on the bus, especially going past the castle - she gets very excited if they have the flags out! After playing in the park (and getting soggy bums) we went to Costa for hot chocolate and brownies - Zoe got some marshmallows too!

Friday evening my mum and step-dad came round for tea, I was a bit emotional (silly pregnancy hormones!) and burst into tears as soon as my mum walked through the door, but after a cuddle and some fish and chips I was fine!


Martin's best buddy Tony came to stay on Friday night so that they could get up early and go walking in the lakes. So it was an early start for all of us on Saturday. Once the boys had left, Zoe and I went into town to meet my mum and Zoe's cousins, for coffee (grown-ups) and a play (kiddos). Then we went to story time at the Carlisle Book Shop, an independent book shop in Carlisle that has a free story time session every Saturday, with biscuits, juice and crafts! This week the story was 'All Mine' about a naughty seagull that kept stealing food off a poor little mouse. Aww! Oh, and Zoe sat in a helicopter too! And our hoover broke (again)! Boo!


Another busy day! Zoe and I popped out for half an hour to get out of the way while Martin was getting the sitting room ready for his Dad coming to put up some shelves. It's musical bedrooms upstairs in preparation for Sprout arriving - we are moving into the spare room, and Sprout will have our old room. But a lot of our books are in the spare room so we need to move all of those out before we can do anything, hence the shelves being installed in the sitting room.

When we got back, Martin's Mum and Dad arrived, so Martin and his Dad started doing manly stuff with drills - time for us to go! Martin's Mum took Zoe and me out for lunch (yum!) - thank you!! When we got home it was time for Zoe and me to go to Zoe's cousin's 4th birthday party, where we saw lots of family, had cake, and Zoe 'helped' Ashton open his presents. Back home to a roast dinner expertly cooked by Martin before rolling into bed early! Phew!

Hopefully next weekend will be a bit calmer!

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You Baby Me Mummy

17 February 2015

What's been occurring?

Hello Lovelies!

Well I haven't blogged since September - poor effort Anna!! One of the (many) reasons I stopped blogging was that we found out we were expecting baby number 2 in October and the morning all day sickness and tiredness meant that all I wanted to do when not at work was sleep. So blogging took a back seat.

But that doesn't really explain the lack of blogging happening over here does it? To be honest I sort of lost heart a bit with it all but I'm hoping to spend more time over here on this little bit of the Internet. 

So what's been happening lately? 

Christmas and New Year was lovely!
I've been nesting, so lots of de-cluttering, sorting, and list making ready for baby arriving in May!
I got a gorgeous new planner! Post coming soon!
We've had some lovely days out with family, seeing steam trains and castles.
Carlisle had lots of lovely snow a while ago and Zoe had so much fun!

I'll be back soon with a post about our day out at Barnard Castle, as well as a few pregnancy and baby related posts!

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