30 September 2015

Emily's 5 month update

Hello lovelies!

I thought that I would try to start doing monthly updates for Emily. She is five months old today (happy 5 month birthday!) and she is changing every single day. I can't quite believe that in a month I'll be writing her 6 month update - half a year! How has that happened?! In one way it feels as though she's only been here a few weeks but then it also feels like she's been a part of our little family forever!!

  • Emily has been able to roll over for a month or so now, she prefers to for front to back over on her right side - she can go other ways but this is her fave!!
  • She's almost sitting up on her own now, she needs a bit of support but it won't be long now! 
  • I'm pretty sure she has her first tooth coming through, but she doesn't want me to see it!! 

Emily is a better sleeper than Zoe was at this age, she usually goes down after a bottle on our bed about 7.00pm but wakes again at least once soon after that for a bit more food! Once she's settled I pop her into her crib (which is in our room) and she usually goes to around 2.30am before she wakes for a feed. I bring her into bed with me and she stays there, helping herself to boob if she wants to, until she wakes up anywhere between 6.00am and 8.00am.

Ah feeding. I have really struggled this time - it was so easy with Zoe I think I was prepared for problems with Emily!! I introduced a bedtime bottle of formula when Emily was about 3 months old, hoping that it would help her to settle better at night - which it did. However Emily soon learned that getting milk from a bottle was waaay easier than getting it out of a boob so I have ended up combination feeding. Emily has 2-3 3oz bottles of formula throughout the day as well as boob as and when she wants it. She also has a 6oz bottle at bedtime (that she rarely finishes) followed by boob an hour later. She only has boob through the night usually, although a few times she likes to have a 2am party which ends with me giving her a bottle at 5am just to get some sleep!! I'm planning to start weaning at 6 months - more on that in another post soon!

By no means do we have a strict routine through the day! Emily has around 3 naps a day - one about 9am, one about lunchtime and one mid-afternoon. Sometimes more though depending on the length of the naps. She can sometimes have a 2 hour nap, but usually it's 30-45 minutes.

Weight and size:
I last had Emily weighted on 17 September and she was 7.62kg (16lb 12oz). We have been measuring her against the wall at G&D's house so next time we're there I'll measure her!

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  1. Bloody hell, that kid is cute. Think my ovaries are melting. xxx


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