About Me

Hello! Welcome to the Dusty Attic blog.

My name is Anna, and I live in the very north of England, in Carlisle (which some people think is in Scotland. It isn't. Not that I would mind if it was. But I'm not Scottish). I share my little house with my husband Martin, our 3 year old daughter Zoe, our new baby Emily, and our cat Genghis Reginald Khat (Genghis for short).

I originally started this little internet space as a craft blog at the same time as opening my Etsy shop back in early January 2013. I wanted to become a fully fledged member of the blogging community, instead of just lurking around other people's blogs all day long. I was starting to feel like a creepy curtain twitcher - reading blogs but never commenting or getting involved.

So, the little craft blog has sort of developed into a more general blog - but what category to put it in? Is it still a craft blog? A lifestyle blog? Am I a 'mommy blogger'??!!

To be honest, I don't feel like I fit into a category. And why do I have to? This is my little space on the internet for me to record daily life - whether that is something I've made, something I've done with Zoe and Emily, or what I've been doing on Instagram.

Posts might be sporadic, and they might not all fit into a certain category, but there will be posts, and I hope that you enjoy them - because that's what I'm doing - enjoying my life while recoding it on the internet for the future.

I hope one day we can look back as a family at all of the things we got up to when we were young!

Thanks for reading


  1. Hey, I just dropped by your blog and I think it's awesome :)


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