6 March 2014


Hi there lovelies!

If you have been hanging around this little blog for a while now, you may remember that just before I went back to work after my maternity leave (June 2013 I think it was), I did a month with a theme - it was 'Other People's Houses' month - do you remember?

I had guest posts from the lovely Sunae and Joanna, and a house tour too.

Well - I was sorting out some files on the PC today and I came across this video. It was supposed to be an introduction to the month, instead of a blog post. In the end I just wrote a post introducing the month. I've just watched the video and couldn't stop giggling - what my point was I have no idea as I go all over the place!

If you want a bit of giggle (and to hear what I do sound like - when I'm doing my posh phone voice anyway) then have a look!! Oh, and make sure you watch it to the end - I get very upset about bacon!!!

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  1. I LOVE THIS. Please do more!! I snort-laughed about not knowing what colour Zoe was going to be, I really appreciated your pointing out mysterious objects which were in shot, and I REALLY want to know what's in your room that's dodgier than the naked lady poster. Did you share that already in your tour? xxx

    1. Haha thank you :) I've done another one today actually - not as funny probably, I'll pop it on here soon. I think I wrote about the naked lady poster in the post - it's covering up a (very badly) painted playboy bunny - it's bloody awful!! xxx

  2. This is awesome!!!! I love your accent, and that you didn't know what colour Zoe was going to be, and the naked lady, and the trash... and please do more.
    I really want to do another vlog now - though you said you did it with your phone? What sort of phone? It's really good quality.

    The first (and so far only) vlog I've done was on my proper camera and it was a lot of mucking around. I do everything on my phone.
    I want to play! And show you all my house!

    1. Thanks lovely!! I think I taped my iphone to the top of the pc monitor and recorded it like that - easy peasy! haha!! xx