13 October 2015

Meal Planning Monday #3

Hello Lovelies!

Hey look it's Tuesday again and I've not posted - that's what no sleep and a UTI will do for you! No fun at all!!

Still, I managed to do a meal plan and get the shopping in - trying to use up freezer stuff but we bought a load of reduced meat on Sunday so there's that to use now as well.

Monday: Herby chicken tray bake
Tuesday: Pork stir fry
Wednesday: Beef and Mushroom stroganoff
Thursday: Pork and Cabbage hot-pot
Friday: Butternut and Spinach cannelloni
Saturday: Chilli and rice 
Sunday: Roast pork/chicken with veg and yorkies 

This is my first time doing cannelloni. What do you like to put in yours?

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6 October 2015

Meal Planning Monday #2

Hello Lovelies!

Wow! Week 2 and I'm already a day late posting my meal plan! Argh!

I'm currently doing Slimming World (more on that on Wednesday) so am trying to stick to healthy meals, but we are also on a pretty tight budget as I'm now on statutory maternity pay only - which isn't very much at all! So a lot of using up what's in the freezer and cupboards as well as seeing what's in the reduced section of the shops and re-planning! That's why I pop the meals onto post-it's so that they can be moved around.

Actually I was supposed to be doing the pizza ripped chicken on Monday but forgot to get the chicken out to defrost! So I switched Monday and Tuesday around. Simples!

Monday: Tomato pasta bake
Tuesday: Pizza topped chicken with chips
Wednesday: Pork chops (or similar from freezer) with mash and veg
Thursday: Herby chicken tray bake
Friday: Butternut squash risotto
Saturday: Chilli and rice 
Sunday: Roast beef with veg and yorkies 

What's your go-to healthy meal? Any of you doing Slimming World too?

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1 October 2015

Happy Birthday Miffy!!

Hello Lovelies!

If you haven't already spotted on other blogs and on Twitter, there is a brand new Miffy cartoon starting this Friday evening on Tiny Pop. And I am so over the top excited about this!!

Ever since I was a little girl I have lived Miffy the little white bunny and all of her friends. Over the years I have acquired books, DVDs, socks, pyjamas, other clothes, bedding, a lamp, a mouse mat, various stationery, and much more that I can't even remember right now. I have about 8 different stuffed toys as well, tiny little ones and one massive one - I'm not even kidding it's the same size as Zoe!!

I'm thrilled that Zoe loves Miffy as much as I do - in fact the Miffy DVD is at the top of Zoe's request list at the moment and doesn't really leave the player! We love to read the Miffy books together that I had when I was a little girl - we recently re-read 'Miffy and the New Baby' before Emily arrived to help Zoe understand about her new little sister.

Hmm I've gone off on a bit of a ramble there, sorry!!

This year sees Miffy's 60th anniversary - in 1955 Dick Bruna was on holiday with his son and to entertain him started to draw a little bunny - and so Miffy was born! She's been in many books along with her friends and this Friday 2 October  they will all be staring in a new TV programme - Miffy's Adventures Big and Small - on pre-school channel Tiny Pop.

The show is airing at 7pm which is the perfect time for us to have a cuddle on the sofa and wind down on an evening ready for bed. There are 52 episodes to be broadcast each 7 minutes long so perfect for Zoe's short attention span. It's actually a CGI animated sequel to Miffy and Friends, the initial stop motion series, which is the ones we have on DVD.

If all that isn't exciting enough, to celebrate the launch of Miffy's new TV show, Tiny Pop has organised a 'surprise' Twitter party for Miffy, complete with party games, goodie bags and cake too! Join Miffy on her Twitter at http://twitter.com/miffy_uk this Friday at 1pm to celebrate!

Do you remember Miffy from your childhood? What was your favourite book?

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30 September 2015

Emily's 5 month update

Hello lovelies!

I thought that I would try to start doing monthly updates for Emily. She is five months old today (happy 5 month birthday!) and she is changing every single day. I can't quite believe that in a month I'll be writing her 6 month update - half a year! How has that happened?! In one way it feels as though she's only been here a few weeks but then it also feels like she's been a part of our little family forever!!

  • Emily has been able to roll over for a month or so now, she prefers to for front to back over on her right side - she can go other ways but this is her fave!!
  • She's almost sitting up on her own now, she needs a bit of support but it won't be long now! 
  • I'm pretty sure she has her first tooth coming through, but she doesn't want me to see it!! 

Emily is a better sleeper than Zoe was at this age, she usually goes down after a bottle on our bed about 7.00pm but wakes again at least once soon after that for a bit more food! Once she's settled I pop her into her crib (which is in our room) and she usually goes to around 2.30am before she wakes for a feed. I bring her into bed with me and she stays there, helping herself to boob if she wants to, until she wakes up anywhere between 6.00am and 8.00am.

Ah feeding. I have really struggled this time - it was so easy with Zoe I think I was prepared for problems with Emily!! I introduced a bedtime bottle of formula when Emily was about 3 months old, hoping that it would help her to settle better at night - which it did. However Emily soon learned that getting milk from a bottle was waaay easier than getting it out of a boob so I have ended up combination feeding. Emily has 2-3 3oz bottles of formula throughout the day as well as boob as and when she wants it. She also has a 6oz bottle at bedtime (that she rarely finishes) followed by boob an hour later. She only has boob through the night usually, although a few times she likes to have a 2am party which ends with me giving her a bottle at 5am just to get some sleep!! I'm planning to start weaning at 6 months - more on that in another post soon!

By no means do we have a strict routine through the day! Emily has around 3 naps a day - one about 9am, one about lunchtime and one mid-afternoon. Sometimes more though depending on the length of the naps. She can sometimes have a 2 hour nap, but usually it's 30-45 minutes.

Weight and size:
I last had Emily weighted on 17 September and she was 7.62kg (16lb 12oz). We have been measuring her against the wall at G&D's house so next time we're there I'll measure her!

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28 September 2015

Meal Planning Monday #1

Hello Lovelies

Welcome to my very first Meal Planning Monday post!

Martin and my Mum were both ripping me about my meal planning the other day but I find it so much easier to plan the week ahead, the shopping, the family budget, and my diet so much better when I have a plan for the week.

At the weekend I have a look in the fridge, freezer and cupboards to see what we have and what needs used up. Then I use my planner and post it notes to allocate meals for the week ahead. We tend to have the same meals regularly so using the post its means that I don't have to keep writing the same meals out again and again but it also means that I can move the meals around. So if Martin doesn't fancy pasta one night I can swap it for another meal that I have planned.

I would like to do a more in depth post about my meal planning so I'll leave it like this for now. Here is the plan for this week:

Monday: Roast dinner (we didn't have enough time to have this yesterday!)
Tuesday: Pizza topped chicken/KFC chicken with chips
Wednesday: Chicken and chorizo paella 
Thursday: Baked fish and vegetables
Friday: Out for dinner - it's my Mum's 60th birthday!
Saturday: Chilli
Sunday: Roast dinner with meat from the freezer

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