17 April 2014

All of the lovely things!

Morning Lovelies!

Well we had a few lovely sunny days this week - was that summer do you think?! I hope you managed to enjoy the nice weather, I was working but managed to have a nice evening in the garden with Zoe and Martin - Zoe loves watering the flowers, although she does seem to prefer watering her toes!

Here are a few things that have made me smile this week:

> Lucy from Attic 24 has blogged about her new bag! It's so colourful and I am so, so tempted to buy a Lucy pack of wool so that I can make one too - I probably have enough yarn though (said no-one, ever!!).

> This post from the Sparkly Panda: 'I just love all the things' - I completely identify with Rhiannon - there is so much that I want to do, so many interests, and I just don't have the time! When I do get time to myself, I spend so much time deciding what I want to do that I run out of time to actually do it!!

> This post from ohnorachio about creating a strong brand image is so useful, and something that I want to work on for my brand. Now to decide on the colours!! I'm thinking pink and turquoise - what do you think?

>Jo from the Perfect Hiding Place has blogged about what she's currently working on - her WIPs! I have too many WIPs at the moment and have more that I want to get started on - namely a pair of crochet socks! I must finish what I start!!

> The Imagination Tree has an awesome 'recipe' for glitter salt dough - I have got to try this for Zoe to play with - think about the gift-giving opportunities! Here Grandma - a lump of dough that Zoe licked and then poked with her finger! How adorable!

> I am in love with this foxy necklace from the Tattooed Lady shop - and £1 of every sale goes to charity! Woop!!

What have you found this week that you think I would like? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. AAARGH thats me! you linked to my blog! Thanks loads! x

  2. PLEASE make some glitter salt dough Zoe can lick and then stick her finger in - you could sell it in your shop (painted pink and turquoise, for branding :p)

    Her ear-to-ear smile of appreciation for gardening is heart-melting. If she fancies coming round and picking lots of flowers in our garden she's very welcome too (as our garden is 90% dandelions :p) xxx

    1. She loves to pick dandelions! And anything else for that matter!! Her current favourite thing is asking to be picked up so she can see over in next door's garden to see the doggies! xx

  3. Thanks a lot for the mention! The glitter salt dough looks amazing! x

    1. You are most welcome lovely! It looks amazing, but messy haha!!


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