12 June 2014

31 before 31 - How did I do?

Hello Lovelies!

Remember I (belatedly) posted my list of 31 things that I wanted to do before I turned 31 (if not you can go and have a read here). Well I sort of forgot about them a bit, so I didn't do all that many of them. But I did do some of them!

1. Make a dress for Zoe - Nope, I have patterns and some fabric I could probably use, and a sewing machine and overlocker, but not the time!!
2. Make a dress for me - Nope - see above!!
3. Bake one of my Gran's recipes - chocolate cake or cherry cake - Nope, I think my Aunty has copied them down for me, but I need to get them off her.
4. Make a video of my Gran telling me how to make her cakes - Nope, I saw her this last weekend but it was way too noisy to try to make a recording!
5. Climb Scafell Pike - Yes, I did it!! The day before my birthday, you can read about it in this post.
6. Climb Snowdon - Nope
7. Climb Ben Nevis - Nope
8. Climb Hellvelyn - Nope
9. Finish crocheting the rainbow granny square blanket - Nope, still not finished, I need to order some more wool as I have almost ran out, hopefully I can still get it and the colours won't be too different.
10. Visit York again - Yes, I went in November 2013 with Martin, Zoe, Gene and Diane. I don't think I wrote a blog post about it though. Hmm.
11. Walk around Buttermere - Nope
12. Take more photos on film - Yes, some in Whitby, York and Keswick, and round Carlisle too. And I got the film developed! I'll scan them in and do a little post about it soon!
13. Use my film cameras more - Yes, I've just realised that this is almost the same as number 12, but I have been using my Pentax, my Lomo and an old 35mm camera that belonged to my great-uncle too.
14. Get some digital photos printed - Yep! I've been using an app on my phone where you get 40 free prints a month, you just have to pay postage - pretty awesome!!
15. Visit Glasgow - Nope
16. Go to a craft fair - I think I went to a couple, but I didn't go to one as a seller, which I do want to do this year.
17. Make some crochet or felt bunting for Zoe's room - I've made the triangles but need to crochet it all together, so I'm calling this one not done, I'll put it on 32 in 32.
18. Make a patchwork quilt (or at least start to make it) - Nope, I have some fabric though :)
19. Go to a networking event - Yes, I've been to quite a few, and also arranged one for work!
20. Make 20 sales in my Etsy shop - Nope, only made 8 sales. Sigh. Must Try Harder!!
21. Visit Bruges - Nope - and no I don't have a passport this one is even trickier!
22. Go to my godmother's house for coffee - Even better than going for a coffee, I went to spend her birthday with her and went out for a meal and stayed over! Woop! I mentioned it in this post.
23. Have something published in a magazine - Yes, I was in our local Carlisle Living magazine, for an event I organised at work, along with Jo from The Perfect Hiding Place
24. Learn how to use LinkedIn effectively - Yes! Thank you work!
25. Go bowling - Nope
26. Go to Wasdale for a picnic with Martin and Zoe - Sort of. We went to Wasdale and had food in the car, so it was sort of a picnic. Blogged about in this post.
27. Find all of my baby photos at my Dad's house - Nope, they are still missing - booo!!
28. Crochet a bunny or bear for Zoe - Yes! I made her a little crochet bunny, no blog post about that yet!
29. Re-decorate our bedroom. Because it is U.G.L.Y! - Nope, I've started in the kitchen though!
30. Expand my shop's product range - Not yet, but I have started planning some new products, just need to make them and photograph them and add them to the shop...
31. Learn how to wet felt - Nope - I actually know how to wet felt, I did it at Uni, but I want to go and do a little course to refresh my memory!

So I have done 12 out of 31 things - pretty rubbish!!

I'm working on my 32 before 32 post at the moment, I'm aiming to post it next week, and I want you all to suggest things for me to put on it in the comments! Go!!

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  1. When you get around to number 15... let me know and we can meet!! x

    1. I will! I'm hopefully coming up this summer! Woop!

  2. I reckon you've done more than twelve if you add up all the half-done ones too :) Looking forward to seeing Zoe's crochet bunting and bunny xxx


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